Day Two

Well here we are on Day Two and I am writing again. I did some more research this morning and found several sites that might be useful to me, I also applied for some small piecework jobs on Craigslist. If any of the sites pan out as decent then I will start posting them on here, but in the meantime I might as well keep them to myself.

There are millions of bad sites out there I found one recently that looked very good. You submitted random original articles and they went in a database where people could buy them on a per word basis. I submitted a few to it that are still pending review, I also submitted two ‘rewritten pages’ that I had previously out on a web site and their software instantly rejected those. When their software quickly rejected them I had hope that this site was good. However when I looked deeper into this site I find clues that its a pretty dead site. Their copyright and Terms of Service are two years old, last activity on their twitter or facebook account was sometime last year. I don’t have a lot of hope for this anymore.

One useful piece of information I have found is that I need writing samples, and not just things written on this blog as blog entries. I need to write reviews, and random topic items so that I create a portfolio of marketable items. I also need to keep a selection of written articles off of the internet so that I can submit them as original writings. So on top of doing this blog I will set myself a goal of writing one article a week to add to my offline portfolio.


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