Insane day

Today was totally insane, not because of the job hunt, just because of the youngster I had to haul around with myself today. I’ve never been a kid person and I never imagined having one myself. Still not sure how that happened. I have all the respect in the world for teachers and anyone that has to deal with these minuscule demons on a regular basis. I have only one, how can they handle five or ten?

I went into the store and every time I stopped to look at something he was off down a different aisle because something caught his attention. I had to deal with tantrums, embarrassing nose picking, and repeated demands of “I want,” and that was all within 15 minutes. If the child had actually decided to behave I was even going to cave in and take him to the dreaded McDonalds where he could fill himself on junk food and climb like an idiot. Thanks to his behavior I was spared that torment (thought I did miss out on my Shamrock shake).

I bow down to those that handle these miscreants, I honor those who actually enjoy it (even if I personally think you are a glutton for punishment)

As for the writing end of things, I did manage to get my one job done….but if I had more than that, I don’t think I would have managed
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