Lucky Day

The day started out with me sending off my blog post and getting the child off to school. It was a beautiful day so I then slacked off a bit and took the dog for a long walk.  I then sat at my computer and did some job searching, wrote about customer service in Killer Teacup and did a run to the store. While I was there I got a text from my husband that he was leaving early and taking me to a movie. The day was shaping up pretty good, it got even better when I got home and scratched the ticket..I made a profit, not a lot, but it was still a winner.

I checked my email and found out that one of the reps I was working with had been going to bat for me and trying to get me a job with another engineering company (thank  you Jack). So over all it wasn’t too bad of a day.

The only down part of the day is that I found I have been outbid on two jobs writing jobs I applied for. It had come down to two of us and the other person was the lower bid. Unfortunately I live in North America and making $5 an hour is not going to help me survive. I am just going to have to hang in there and see what else comes along.
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