A Writers True Bane

I skipped posting anything yesterday as I was too busy writing. I now have the blog I contribute to daily, I have a Powerpoint presentation due the middle of next week. I also have one paid demo article which I submitted this morning. Another person has hired me for 10-500 word articles.

I have the basics of two of the articles down and saved. I had the basics of three more, and one completed when my word processor went belly up and froze. I momentarily freaked then remembered I had it set to auto save frequently, so I wasn’t going to lose too much work. I closed out the program and reopened it, as expected it showed me the recovered file. The file opens and I decide to scroll down, just to see how much was missing. It appeared to be my lucky day, nothing was missing…that’s when disaster struck. As I was about to save, my word processor froze again only this time I was already in the recovery file and I hadn’t saved it. After a forced shut down I tentatively reopened the program which once again provided me with a recovery file, however this was a recovery of a recovery and it was nothing but ASCII nonsense. Everything was gone. So after futilely searching my computer for the last hour I give up.

I still have the notes for two articles, I have the basics of the others in my head. I decided that I will write my blog and then go play Sims and see who elses life I can mess with.

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