A long day

A long weekend with a lot of nothing. I did do some writing, it was a test to be allowed into a writing group where I can get some work.  I wrote about owning antique cars, apparently they thought I wrote decently because they rated it as 4 out 5 stars and gave me a decent ranking so I can pull in some of the higher paying jobs they have. I got two of the writing jobs and I am just waiting for the customer to approve them. If the site turns out to be profitable I’ll let you know what the name of it is.

It seems there  are a lot of freelance sites out there that are making a lot of promises to the writers, but very few seem to actually produce any work that is worthwhile. So far the only site I truly like is peopleperhour.com. I have gotten a steady job through them and two minor writing jobs, all of them ghost writing so I can’t really advertise them on here, but they paid. I have one article on a site where they supposedly sell articles, but I don’t seem to see any movement on the site. I’ve been watching it for almost a month now, and even the requested articles don’t seem to be going anywhere. If I don’t see anything change in a week I will pull my stuff out of there and hold it for my own portfolio.

To those of you out there looking for work at almost anything I wish you luck, because I am having a hard time finding writing work, or anything else and it seems to be getting tougher.


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