Today is the day

Today is the day that I started marketing myself and my abilities. I received an offer to be an insurance salesman (I think we all get those) and I responded by telling them how I can improve their website with local news articles and daily blogs.  I posted an ad on to sell myself as a blog writer and I have written down a plan of attack. The severance package from my last job is running out and I don’t want to sit on unemployment so now if the time to truly act.  I have a portfolio of unpublished writings. I have one published blog I can lay claim to and several ghost blogs (unfortunately I can’t claim them). I also have the Engineering firm in Dubai I am ghosting for.

My main selling point will have to be my personal marketing, how I sell myself to prospective clients. I need to work on my sales pitch, but at least I have started it. Tomorrows task will be streamlining the resume so I can put it up here and start pushing my marketing.


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