Moving forward

I started a Twitter account today, updated my profiles on various freelancer sites and started profiling myself. I am currently working on a list of local businesses then I plan to search for websites and twitters  related to them. Hopefully I can find enough businesses that need help expressing themselves on-line and that need help maintaining an up-to-date blog or website.

Until I started reading some of these articles and self-help guides I never realized how important marketing was. Sort of makes me realize that I really need to start pushing myself out there if I really want work or I won’t get anything worth while. I definitely won’t be paying the bills.  I have applied to a few more jobs, but nothing has really bitten yet, it’s also difficult to do an immediate turn around of work on they days when my son is home. It’s a catch-22, I can’t afford to put him in daycare full-time, but on the days he stays home it’s hard for me to get and do work.

I’m just going to have to get more aggressive, develop my own strategies and write up proposals for local businesses, see if any of them will bite.

Wish me luck, if anyone has any advice I will gladly take it.


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