Online presence isn’t everything, but its a lot

Today I did about 50 proposals for online posted writing jobs. I’ve also crafted a letter I will send out to local businesses offering my service to keep their web presence up to date .

I looked at only six companies today, but only one of them had current information on them. One site had a copy write date in the lower corner of 2010, another site hadn’t posted anything since last summer and that update was a promise to continue updating. I’m not sure when they planned to keep that promise but it looks like they are almost a year behind.

All of the companies I looked at had websites, they just haven’t done anything with them, there is nothing to pull people in and hold them. I had to go to one company today (for an unrelated reason) and I heard the receptionist talking about how they had to close an office because they had no business. After looking at their website I can tell why they had no business, no one can find them.

When I did a local internet search for their specialty two other companies came up ahead of them, and I know from experience that the company in position one isn’t that good. The top listed company just has a better  and more frequented web site.  You can’t get business if no one knows you are there. I am hoping that I can manage to find a local niche and move some of these companies up the line.



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