Insurance Sales?..No way

In the outside world the only job offers I seem to be getting are for insurance sales, that is not something I can see myself doing, I also have one offer on the table to be a shipping manager, but it’s for a fraction of what I should be pulling in a month. They want to take advantage of the unemployed and underpay them. I’m not that desperate yet.

I have a trial job lined up with a company in Australia and I have sold a few more articles. Once I manage to make more than $20 on any of these websites I am on then I will let you know what is worth while. In the mean time I am just going to keep plugging away. I have a few more weeks of severance before I am just on unemployment, maybe I can keep increasing my client base and get enough through writing before I am forced to find a job in the world of office buildings.

I actually like working from home, I put my music on, get a cup of tea and just type..the only distraction is the dog or the child on his non-school days. If I run out of things to type or I get stuck on a rewrite then I go downstairs and work out for a few minutes or take the dog for a short walk, those seem to straighten things out and get the fingers typing again.

I will be honest, I am not sure how diligent I will be once the weather clears up, but I can always bring my laptop outside with me. There are no rules stating I need to sit at my desk to do this.


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