Lets try this again…

Well I had written a post yesterday, it just did not go through thanks to my wonderful internet connection. I had my son yesterday so it was a little slower, but the weather was beautiful. I took my son and his friend down to the park and let them run wild while I sat at the picnic table with my laptop. I actually got more done than I thought I would. I will be taking him to school shortly and then it is back to work for me.

It’s supposed to be a gorgeous day, with thunderstorms tonight, so I might take my computer outside again. I have two articles I need to write today, if I’m good and get them done early I will reward myself a little and go work on my car. I have a 1940 Oldsmobile in beautiful shape, she is all original. She needs a little TLC, but she still purrs like a kitten when she’s warmed up…a geriatric kitten, but she still runs great. My big project on her, if I get the money, for this summer is to redo her front end assembly, all the joints are loose and the boots have rotted off.

I should get back on topic, this blog is not about my car. my hobbies or my son. This blog is about finding work primarily in writing and that is going very slow. I pick up a few articles here and there, but so far nothing that would pay the bills. I should be sending out my letters to local businesses later today so I figure it will be at least a week before I even have a remote chance of getting a bite.

In the meantime, I just continue writing.

A. Carvelli


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