Where Not to post your resume

Now that I am job hunting I expect to receive a lot of spam. I know I’m going to get unsolicited sales emails and it puts my phone number on numerous call lists, but when I put my resume on what is supposed to be a legitimate job search site I do not want to be inundated with scams.

Since I started feeding myself out there I have gotten an increase in spam and junk mail. I have lost track of how many rich Arabs want me to hide their fortune from their scheming relatives or how many times I have won the U.K Lottery (Do they even have one?). I know they are spam and I am more than prepared to waste a nanosecond to hit delete. What I do not appreciate are the emails that look legitimate, the ones that are offering me a chance at employment. I’m not talking about offers to stuff envelopes or sit on a call center or even offers where the salary is an insane amount of money. In the last week I have gotten numerous emails for positions such as Check Assist Manager, Shipping Manager, Inventory Manager, and Logistics Manager (see a name trend there?).

All of these emails look and sound legitimate until I start actually looking at them. The first giveaway is the email address, if the email address doesn’t have a persons or position it’s probably fake. Another giveaway is when the email addresses don’t match; if there are three different emails, all through different email servers there is probably something wrong. Some of them have dead links, or misdirected links. I also Googled some of them and found others had already fallen for the scams.

One of these offers even used the name of a legitimate shipping company in PA that is run by a couple. I left them a voicemail and sent the email to them so they know they are being used and can hopefully thwart it before their good name is ruined.

All of these have been only in the last week and I have pinpointed them all to one source, partially because some of the emails mention where they found my resume. Careerbuilder.com will soon be getting an email from me regarding the type of offers that come through their site. I have my resume on at least a dozen other sites (including Craigslist) and none of them have amounted to the same type of spam. You expect them to do what their name says, build your career, instead you are forced to waste your time as you carefully study any emails in the hopes that one of them might be legitimate and if you are one of the unfortunates that get caught in a scam your career is possibly ruined.

My advice to everyone is avoid Careerbuilder.com


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