You MUST be kidding!

After applying for a few jobs, doing a few articles and taking my son to the park I thought I would do some online shopping. Everything was going fine; I was looking for a white bodysuit, I thought that would be easy. I Googled what I was looking for and a had a list of links, I glance briefly at them if they might be what I want and then right click on the link and tell it to open the link in a new tab, that way I don’t need to have to constantly flip back to my search.

I look though a few sight and don’t exactly see what I want so I change my search a bit and start the process over again. I had clicked about six pages I was interested in when I suddenly got a strange pop up. I’m computer savvy, I knew it wasn’t legitimate so I didn’t even touch it. I went to do a quick shut down of Firefox using Ctrl + Alt +Del so I can eliminate whoever’s annoying pop-up that is. Unfortunately before I could get that far I suddenly had a huge string of pop-up flooding my screen, it was like bomb much like I used to see years ago, before it could crash my computer I hit the power and killed it (And that is why you want a power strip…quick, easy instantaneous shutdown).

I tried rebooting my system, just in case it was related to the browser window only, no such luck…again, another forced shut down. This time I booted in safe mode, which didn’t look right as it booted..the screen was missing things, programs were hidden. I couldn’t even get to my anti-virus so I did a restore (perfect reason to make sure your restore points are up to date) and that eliminated the immediate problem.

After reboot I ran my anti-virus and malware. I eliminated all cookies and history then I ran a boot scan. After all that I did another full computer scan and malware search. I think I am finally clean.

It’s always scary when you get a virus, your first thought is “OHGODIMGOINGTOLOOSEITALL”, but your second should be “thank god I have a back up”. I stupidly did not have a backup; now I do. Let this be a warning to all of you, that even something as harmless as shopping, can be a problem.

April Carvelli


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