Personal Deadlines

Nothing really new on the writing front. I am still submitting daily articles to and still doing the writing for the engineering firm, but neither of those pay the bills, the small stuff I am picking up isn’t doing much either. I’m earning pennies over at The one company I originally started with that told me they could sell my writing for a decent price hasn’t sold one article so I have asked for my writing back and I am closing my account with them. I might be able to use the articles and sell them elsewhere. I’m not even going to put their name up here, because that would give them free advertising and I see no evidence that they have sold anyone’s articles. Even bad advertising is good because it gets your name out there.

None of the local companies I have contacted are even interested in improving or having an online presence so that end of it isn’t panning out either. Its looking like my writing career might be put on the back burner or be just a hobby as I go pound the pavement to find a way to pay the mortgage.

I don’t have much longer left to try this before I am forced to find an office job again; it looks like end of April is the deadline I will give myself. I made less than $200 this month on the writing, if I can double it by end of April I will give myself another month to write, but I have to keep increasing each month.

April Carvelli


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