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Nothing to post today

Except my frustration with corporate America and modernization.

My four-month-old LG washer crapped out on Saturday in the middle of the load. It is locked, I cannot open it. I only managed to get water out of it because I hooked the shop vac up to the discharge and pulled out as much as I could. A repairman will be here on Wednesday. In the meantime I have mold forming on wet soapy clothes and a laundry room that smells. I put a copy of my letter to LG on Killerteacup.

Irobot has a whopper of a scam going in their warranty department. It seems that despite them telling you to return an item with their return number they will not automatically send your replacement even if the email states that they will do that. You need to call and email them the tracking number, after they have received it. If you don’t do that then you never see a replacement. I figure that they are hoping people will be patient and wait for the replacement they were promised. Then if they wait long enough they will forget they sent it out, or loose their tracking number. After all if you don’t give them the tracking number they won’t process your warranty claim. I have been without my Roomba since March 16th.

The one upside note for the day is that I ‘think’ I might be getting a blogging job with the Martha Stewart Company, I only say ‘think’ because I don’t remember applying for Martha Stewart. I’m waiting for a response so I know which job it was I applied for. The way today is going I would not be surprised if it was a scam too.


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Rules I need to follow

In my time as a writer I have learned a few rules that I really NEED to learn to follow;

1. Quit underestimating the time a job will take. I need to start doubling my estimated time, if it takes less I can always bill less

2. Stop giving the customers free work. If the assignment is 300 words then give them 300 words not 700.

3. Stay in the correct tense. If the writing is in the third person stay in the third person.

4. When the husband is home, put my earphones on. I don’t need to listen to every comment he makes to himself.

5. Quit underestimating the time a job will take

6. Ask questions

7. Ask if they want U.K. or American English. Don’t assume that just because they are from Europe that they want U.K. English.

8. Quit under estimating the time a job will take. If husband is home, triple your estimate

9.  Actually read all of these e-courses you signed up for

11. Learn new media, no matter how boring it might be.

10. If all else fails lock child and husband in the bathroom and take laptop to some remote wi-fi location where you can work undisturbed.


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Cream Puffs.

My husband loves cream puffs; those fluffy pieces of choux pastry filled with custard and cream. Perhaps that is why until recently he was a bit of cream puff himself. In the last six months he has been doing a fantastic job loosing weight, getting in shape and getting himself buff. (hmm, maybe he’s planning on wife shopping?)

We also have neighbors that are moving out of town and unfortunately their little boy is my sons best friend. Tomorrow I am having a farewell dinner party and for dessert I decided I would make cream puffs. This way it is a two-fold event, a reward for my husband and a jab at the neighbor to remind him that he’s not going to be the recipient of my cooking any longer (His wife can’t cook).

So needless to say I didn’t get too much writing done today, and not much tomorrow as I work on baking the sourdough bread and prepping for the dinner.

I have posted the recipe for the cream puffs on my portfolio page Killerteacup.

Homemade cream puffs



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Writing my own blogs is tough

Writing my own blogs is getting exceedingly difficult, I have a million ideas a day that I sell but when it comes to my own I tend to be a big blank. The few ideas I have I write then I go and hawk them to someone else for money. My portfolio blog at’t going to grow too much if I keep doing that, but I keep looking at the money end of things. I don’t want to be on unemployment forever.

I find I have no problem writing for someone else, but then again they normally give me a topic. Today I wrote several blogs on a variety of topics that were vastly different: Tattoos, stages of pregnancy, DogTV,  skateboarding, and two excel data sheets. Tomorrow has three articles due on SEO and one on Catastrophic computer failure. All of these, except DogTV and pregnancy are ghostwriting.  My big problem with some of these topics is keeping them within the required word limit. Some of these topics I could write on for days, I really need to restrict my writing and stop giving so many of my customers free work.

I guess I have written my limit for the day as I now have a four-year-old and a 120 lb dog laying at my feet begging to go outside and play. That means that my day is over and when I come back in it will be time to clean the kitchen and make dinner. I am off now to see what the neighborhood is doing.


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My BIG geek moment part 2

On Monday I wrote about My BIG geek moment and posted pictures of my mask and the signatures. I was waiting for some decent costume photos, but they never panned out. I went web searching and found a few that I will post here.

I give you Madame Masque:

Thank you for the pictures:

John Castillo

Decapitated Dan

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Interception on the home front

For someone that didn’t really know what they were doing I think I did pretty good and my customers web page passes a quick inspection, at least it was in time for their big show this weekend. Apparently he finally got in touch with his programmer today and the guy will work on the glitches in the system. Talk about lack of support, I didn’t even know the program and offered a better support system than the guy who programmed it.

One advantage is that I am now more familiar with WordPress. If I get a chance I will use my new found skills to dress this blog up a bit, but the personal blogs are the last thing on my list for me to spend time on. I have to pay the bills first.

On the employment end of things, I’m still applying to jobs. I now have three different resumes to cover three different job sets. One for field service work, one for computer troubleshooting and one for writing. I really want something to bite, even a part time job will work. I want something that is a guaranteed income. I can supplement with the writing.

I could probably make a living with the writing, but I am not getting any support at home. My husband seems to think I am sitting here doing nothing all day. I’ve actually worked out my hours and I figure I only have about 15 hours a week when I can do uninterrupted writing, that’s only about 60 hours a month. To make a viable living I would have to charge about $30 an hour. I don’t think that is going to happen at this point.

My current plan is to put my son in daycare full time over the summer so maybe I can actually make money at that point while I am looking for work elsewhere. I want to make writing work, I want to turn this into a living, unfortunately my home life won’t let me.

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Learning WordPress on the fly

Well my client had a nice theme they purchased for a website and they had asked me to update the blog on it, which I had no problem doing. It was easy to work on the blog; however as we progressed I noticed a few glitches in the theme pertaining to font issues. I asked permission to contact the theme designer, then did some research and found out that I wasn’t the only one with the font issues. I left messages for the designer and have not heard back. Okay the page looks fine except for a few areas were font overlaps itself, or insets. My customer then asked me update the “contact us”, that was designed pretty simply…They just don’t give you a lot of options.

I logged in this morning and the website is a disaster….the colors have changed, a slide show has vanished, whole pages of text are gone, even the company logo has vanished. I have no idea what happened and the customer is pleading ignorance, however I can tell that they have been in the system because there is a whole lot of new photos uploaded.

The customer is in a panic because they have a big show this weekend where they plan to direct people to their website. They have asked me to help them fix it….problem is that I do not know wordpress…I know minimal programming and I know HTML

Now I am learning WordPress on the fly

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My BIG geek moment

George Perez signed my mask and an action figure

I just had the best weekend ever..just have to brag about my big geek moment

I went to the big Comic Convention in Chicago, C2E2, this weekend dressed as Madame Masque. It’s an old school character and not many recognized me, only 13 people recognized the character all morning…Suddenly one old guy dashes in front of me and takes several pictures, he is really geeking out about my Madame Masque….turns out it was George Perez himself, the Marvel artist.

That is the biggest complement any convention goer can have.. I was thrilled.

I got him to sign my mask and a doll later in the day and I stood talking to him for a while…he is the coolest.

Madame Masque at C2E2 2012

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Busy, busy, busy

Unfortunately it has been a week since I last posted in here things have been very busy, which is good. I am getting a lot of paid ghostwriting assignments, but I am also dong a fair amount of published work which can be found

Just to give a summary of my month in writing so far:

13-year-old Washington State boy saves schoolmates and bus driver (Imperfect Parent)
Owning Art Print Posters (
How to teach parakeets tricks (Helium)
13-year-old girl missing from Chicago neighborhood (Imperfect Parent)
Chicago couple awarded $8.25 million for the accidental death of their infant son (Imperfect Parent)
Is cheap car insurance worth it? (carscom)
How to care for an Easter chick (helium)
12 years after abduction of daughter, man gets 3-year sentence (Imperfect Parent)
Common songbirds living in both the US and Europe (Helium)
Abducted boy returned to his mother 8 years later (Imperfect Parent)
Two children injured in police chase (Imperfect Parent)
The devil made me do it (Imperfect Parent)

One Australian company hired me to write general product descriptions for their home supply company

My Middle East Engineering firm has me doing extensive research on their competition.

and several small ghost writing articles of random topics.

. . .

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Busy week

Well this week has made half the amount of money as all of last month, so its off to a good start, lets see if it keeps going strong.

I’ve been cutting down on my blog entries, I just don’t have the time for my personal blog, paid work comes first, but I guess that is a good thing. I’m a regular poster at, I’ve got another paid article WWWCARSCOM.COM with my name on it. Looks like I am starting to get somewhere. I would really like it if I managed to pick up some of the local companies I’ve been soliciting, but that’s probably a long shot.

The ironic thing is that I found a little local advertising company that does ads for everyone except themselves, I could not find one online listing for them, so I offered my services. Maybe they’ll hire me.

April Carvelli

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