Busy week

Well this week has made half the amount of money as all of last month, so its off to a good start, lets see if it keeps going strong.

I’ve been cutting down on my blog entries, I just don’t have the time for my personal blog, paid work comes first, but I guess that is a good thing. I’m a regular poster at Imperfectparent.com, I’ve got another paid article WWWCARSCOM.COM with my name on it. Looks like I am starting to get somewhere. I would really like it if I managed to pick up some of the local companies I’ve been soliciting, but that’s probably a long shot.

The ironic thing is that I found a little local advertising company that does ads for everyone except themselves, I could not find one online listing for them, so I offered my services. Maybe they’ll hire me.

April Carvelli



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One response to “Busy week

  1. Anthony Casson

    I know some people who insist on making their personal blogs the most important thing on their to-do lists. That’s dangerous. So, cheers to good priorities!

    I’m definitely looking forward to following your progress. Good luck with everything, and congratulations so far.

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