Interception on the home front

For someone that didn’t really know what they were doing I think I did pretty good and my customers web page passes a quick inspection, at least it was in time for their big show this weekend. Apparently he finally got in touch with his programmer today and the guy will work on the glitches in the system. Talk about lack of support, I didn’t even know the program and offered a better support system than the guy who programmed it.

One advantage is that I am now more familiar with WordPress. If I get a chance I will use my new found skills to dress this blog up a bit, but the personal blogs are the last thing on my list for me to spend time on. I have to pay the bills first.

On the employment end of things, I’m still applying to jobs. I now have three different resumes to cover three different job sets. One for field service work, one for computer troubleshooting and one for writing. I really want something to bite, even a part time job will work. I want something that is a guaranteed income. I can supplement with the writing.

I could probably make a living with the writing, but I am not getting any support at home. My husband seems to think I am sitting here doing nothing all day. I’ve actually worked out my hours and I figure I only have about 15 hours a week when I can do uninterrupted writing, that’s only about 60 hours a month. To make a viable living I would have to charge about $30 an hour. I don’t think that is going to happen at this point.

My current plan is to put my son in daycare full time over the summer so maybe I can actually make money at that point while I am looking for work elsewhere. I want to make writing work, I want to turn this into a living, unfortunately my home life won’t let me.


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