Cream Puffs.

My husband loves cream puffs; those fluffy pieces of choux pastry filled with custard and cream. Perhaps that is why until recently he was a bit of cream puff himself. In the last six months he has been doing a fantastic job loosing weight, getting in shape and getting himself buff. (hmm, maybe he’s planning on wife shopping?)

We also have neighbors that are moving out of town and unfortunately their little boy is my sons best friend. Tomorrow I am having a farewell dinner party and for dessert I decided I would make cream puffs. This way it is a two-fold event, a reward for my husband and a jab at the neighbor to remind him that he’s not going to be the recipient of my cooking any longer (His wife can’t cook).

So needless to say I didn’t get too much writing done today, and not much tomorrow as I work on baking the sourdough bread and prepping for the dinner.

I have posted the recipe for the cream puffs on my portfolio page Killerteacup.

Homemade cream puffs




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2 responses to “Cream Puffs.

  1. lynnlovesediting

    Those look SO GOOD!

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