Rules I need to follow

In my time as a writer I have learned a few rules that I really NEED to learn to follow;

1. Quit underestimating the time a job will take. I need to start doubling my estimated time, if it takes less I can always bill less

2. Stop giving the customers free work. If the assignment is 300 words then give them 300 words not 700.

3. Stay in the correct tense. If the writing is in the third person stay in the third person.

4. When the husband is home, put my earphones on. I don’t need to listen to every comment he makes to himself.

5. Quit underestimating the time a job will take

6. Ask questions

7. Ask if they want U.K. or American English. Don’t assume that just because they are from Europe that they want U.K. English.

8. Quit under estimating the time a job will take. If husband is home, triple your estimate

9.Β  Actually read all of these e-courses you signed up for

11. Learn new media, no matter how boring it might be.

10. If all else fails lock child and husband in the bathroom and take laptop to some remote wi-fi location where you can work undisturbed.



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9 responses to “Rules I need to follow

  1. Just a nit picking, cos I’m a fan of the bathroom lock in, but if you’ve locked them up and decamped to an alternate wifi location, perhaps make a quick arrangement to have someone unlock them. Once you’ve escaped the bathroom lock up becomes redundant from my experience….

  2. I completely agree with number 5 and number 9. I’ve always been guilty of number five, and never learn from it! Just being hopeful I suppose. And number 9 reminds me…!

  3. Lock husband & kid in bathroom. Love it! Don’t they make more noise trying to get out? πŸ˜‰

  4. lynnlovesediting

    Lol! I love it! I may be using some of your tips very soon.

  5. modernoracle

    Rotfl! EEEEExcellent ideas….mwahahaha πŸ˜‰

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