Calgon take me away!

Today I stare blankly at a computer as I fight the urge to sleep. It has been an eventful week and today will be the pinnacle which I am not entirely looking forward to.

On Monday, as you know, I battled with LG and Irobot, both resulted in minor victories though one company has probably lost a customer. LG has fixed my machine and offered to replace any damaged clothing. IRobot on the other hand is running what I consider a scam on their warranty returns.

The week got better on Tuesday with a Skype interview and I have picked up a rather large-scale regular writing job on a multitude of topics. The awesome thing about this is the lack of guidelines, I have a rather wide and generic topics and can write them on whatever interests me.

The training session on Wednesday resulted in me doing some video notating for a company that is currently archiving for Martha Stewart, there are thousands of video clips that need work and then there are at least three large-scale projects after that.

Friday didn’t end until after 1 am last night as I was involved in a game of Pathfinder (D&D type game) that didn’t seem like it was going to end.

And this morning started at around 6am with a child asking me to turn on TV for him. Today will be insane and Caffeine will definitely be a friend. I have the boys baseball game at 9am, then a baby shower for my future daughter-in-laws sister at one, I have to be up in Wisconsin by 6pm to go to dinner with a friend followed by a trip to a bar for a surprise birthday party. Which will lead to me crashing at the hotel sometime after 3 am.

On Sunday I have to meet friends for traditional Dennys hangover breakfast at around 8 then take a two-hour trip back home to relieve the babysitter who happens to be my husbands ex-wife (looooong involved story there that resulted in several arguments). Unfortunately I also have 8 articles to write on Sunday, I just hope I have enough brain power to handle them.


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  1. I don’t think you have enough on your plate. Let’s add screaming children, a demanding husband, and a hair dryer with an attitude. 🙂

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