Sometimes it’s discouraging….

Even though I’m starting to do decent at this writing thing I still find it discouraging when I am turned down for jobs. It’s discouraging when I get comments like “you typo’d the rate? right?”, “too high”, ” you have to be kidding “,” we want to hire you, but we will only pay ….(less than half my quote)”. My favorite return comment was “I will pay the $50, but I want fifty articles for that.”

And the strange thing is that most of those comments are coming from North Americans, a country where everyone whines and complains about outsourcing to foreign countries. If you are only going to pay $1 for a 1000 word researched article then good luck getting it. The ridiculous thing is that these people are asking for North Americans to apply, then they turn us down because we want to make it worth our time. For a few of these job offers I could make more money picking up pennies on the street.

The European customers rarely bargain the price down, or if they do it’s still reasonable. In fact my European customers are my favorites, most of them pay promptly and they lay out exactly what they want.

Several of my American customers direct you to a competitors site to show what they want you do, without plagiarizing it, then complain when you give them something because its missing distinct elements from their competitors site. How many times do you have to tell them that if you did ‘XYZ’ like their competitor, then you are copying them. They just don’t get it.

Oh well, it seems most of my North American jobs have dried up anyhow. I just applied to a few more, lets see how they go.




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2 responses to “Sometimes it’s discouraging….

  1. Isn’t this concept indicative of the economy (specifically employment) at present? Companies want 100% or more of skills requested, but are wiling to pay much less than before. Doesn’t help that 50 people are applying for the same job, not to mention all the offshore pressure on jobs. I sit with a mostly completed M.S., making 30% less than I did 12 years ago and haven’t had a raise since 2002.

  2. Yeah, unfortunately we are all making a lot less than we did 10-12 years ago…unless you are a politician or CEO anyhow.

    I think its more like 500 applying for the same job. I just applied for a low paying local writing job and the guy told me he had 200 applicants after only posting for four hours.

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