Wow has it been two weeks already?

My son started full time daycare on the fourth and it doesn’t seem like I have done much of anything in the two weeks I have had.

Part of it is because of AT&T as they suddenly invoked usage caps on the internet. Our bill escalated and our bandwidth narrowed. When I called to complain I was told that the policy for usage limits has been in place for over a year, they just ‘missed us’ until now. I was a little ticked after all we got bad bandwidth to begin with and the phone was always full of static. At least once a month our Internet went down and I had to call them and deal with their idiot help desk. After the first month I knew that all they had to do was reset their server and it would be fine, but they all had to go through their script before they would run a  simple program. And I think that less than half of their help desk spoke English.

We have now dumped them and gone with Mediacom for cable internet and phone, it’s only been three days but the speed is impressive, no static on the line and for about the same price I also get unlimited long distance to US and Canada which is great for me. No more being tied to my OOMA for long distance calls (not that it isn’t good on its own, but I prefer being able to use any phone in the house)

This month actually started out pretty bad with the one thing that most freelancers dread, a non-pay. I wrote about 50 articles for this one woman and she appears to have vanished on me. I did get one email from someone claiming to be her assistant, and the assistant claimed that the woman is in the hospital, however I haven’t gotten anything since then I have sent multiple emails and payment requests.  Some of the articles have been published and I know what site they went to, maybe if I don’t hear from this woman in a month I will approach the site directly and ask if they want to hire a new writer. After all I need to get something from this. It doesn’t look like the other articles are published yet, maybe I will try to sell them before they get published. Anyone know a mental health site willing to buy blogs? Or a dentist?



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