Things are slow

Wow are things slow… I went from more than I could handle to not nearly enough. I still have car article I am doing for, I am currently working on a series for Ford suspensions, but I can’t put out too many per week. +I have a guy that wants ‘best of lists’ on products but I am running out of ideas for that one, I’ve already done close to 80 lists for him.

Still no word from my non-payer and I could really use that money, my Vue needs new brakes and soon an exhaust system. The brakes I can do myself, but the exhaust is not something I can do. The extent of my exhaust work is using soup cans to recreate parts of eroded exhaust pipes.

The more I talk to my friends the more depressing life seems. The government keeps telling everyone how unemployment rates have been dropping and how many jobs have been created each month. They aren’t giving you the truth. Yes, less people are claiming unemployment, that is because people are falling off of it as their time runs out. These same people are then hanging in limbo because they don’t qualify for welfare because their property is worth too much, or their spouse works.  The jobs that are being created are a joke, companies are taking advantage of people desperation and offering a fraction of what the job is actually worth. Jobs that were paying $20 an hour five years ago, might be paying $15 now, I have seen some offering the same position for $10.

I have friends falling into the deep end and there is nothing I can do for them. I know people who have their houses in foreclosure, sold their cars, moved in with their parents or siblings. I just found out that one guy has been living off of Ramen for three months. I know of people who are considering committing crimes just so they can go to jail and get a room and board.

When will this all end?



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7 responses to “Things are slow

  1. Hard to hit “like” on this because the economy is so sad. My freshly-graduated-from-college daughter is tending a bar. No job to be found in her field.

    • unfortunately not many fields have available jobs. The really crappy thing is that most of us can’t even afford to move if we do find a job.

      It seems that the only fields with a future are politics and fast food….I can’t really stomach either of them.

  2. Homepreneurs

    Very sad, but very true. I think we might be in the early stages of a ‘new normal’ for employment in the USA. Europe is saddled with 10+% unemployment for many years. I’ve read as much from economists and mutual fund managers. My question: what do we tell our kids?

    • we teach our kids to tighten their belts. I was technically part of the ‘me’ generation but thanks to my parents I learned how to budget, and how to think and plan ahead. I hope I manage to teach mine the same things..The last depression taught values that are no longer seen today..perhaps this will spawn the same ingenuity and family values in our children…I just pray they don’t see the same hardships

  3. Gy3

    I am from India where we think people in Europe and America are rich and no one suffers from Hunger… If there is a deficit for money everywhere then where is all our Money!!!?
    Are the industrial giants creating pseudo situations from which they get benefited ultimately?
    How come the CEOs and Top Management is paid so much when there are people paid half of what they deserve??
    Are the corporates turning towards India and China for resources at a lower cost? I’ve heard my European client say “We come to India to save cost. Indians cost at 300 DKK per hour while a Belgians cost 900 DKK per hour”

    • Rich is a relative statement and every body has a different definition of it and it is all relative to location. $20 USD may feed a family of four well in an area such as the middle of South Carolina, in Chicago that same $20 will barely feed them, in India that $20 could feed them for a few days.

      And yes there are a lot of pseudo situations, after all most of the world runs on an electronic currency, its a fiction that will crash eventually. And it continually seems that the upper management gets raises and bonuses while the little man gets nothing. In order to fund those raises the corporations are outsourcing the labor to India becuase it is cheaper.

  4. Here in the UK those in opposition to the governing party, tend to hold the USA up as a model for the way to go in order to get out of recession. But it eems to me your unemployed are worse off than than those here. When it comes to the crunch, for years it seems the rich get richer and the poor poorer. How to fix this when power lies in wealth, wealth that can be shifted around to escape taxation? Undeserved wealth that is often gained off the backs of the low paid, or simply by (sneaky?) investments, is bad for society. I am not against wealth as such, but all have a responsibility to those from whom the wealth is ultimately drawn, and to those who are genuinely unable to help themselves, or those fallen on hard times.

    (ps – thanks for visiting my site and commenting)

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