Sunbeam Mixmaster

I was asked this year if I wanted a mixer or food processor for Christmas and I said, No.  I didn’t say no because I don’t use one, or didn’t want one. I said no because I have one.

my mixer1

My old Sunbeam Mixmaster

It’s an old Sunbeam Mixmaster. Yes, it’s old and weighs a tonne, but it’s good. It still works great. It was my grandmothers and it served her loyally for many years. Now it serves me just as loyally, with never a complaint. I think the original bowl and beaters are long gone, replaced sometime before I got it.

Back then things were made to last out of iron and steel, not cheap plastic. This mixer has a history and I plan to keep it around as long as possible. And perhaps one day this will become a family heirloom.

My old Sunbeam Mixmaster.

My old Sunbeam Mixmaster.


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