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Just got a VERY interesting call that could manage to suck in someone that doesn’t know computers. Read the post on my other blog and warn anyone you know.


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And it’s up!


Homepreneurs page header

Homepreneurs page header

Last week I wrote about Homepreneur’s Blog  and how he decided that I was somehow worth mentioning and doing an interview on. Well it looks like the interview is up. I would like to say Thank you.

When things start to look bleak, this will give me some motivation to continue struggling on.

Thank you very much.

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I’m flattered

I was recently asked by a fellow blogger if they could interview me, of course I agreed. I don’t see the appeal but I am greatly flattered.

I’ve been plodding along here writing but I haven’t done anything spectacular. I haven’t rescued any children from burning buildings or made any grand donations to medical science. I am just me, April Carvelli, trying to see how well I can survive in the digital world. I am in a totally different field after almost 20 years dealing with field service and water/wastewater treatment.

I filled out his questionnaire and returned it to him, so I guess I will shortly be featured on Homepreneurs, which is very cool. In the meantime go and check out his site as there is some very cool information on there, he finds some of the best sites. Most recently a Free website creator, which he wrote about in his blog.

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Welcome to 2013

It looks like the year has started out with a bang. I’ve almost more work than I can handle, however I know it won’t last everything tends to go in spurts when you’re freelancing. I’m sure that after this I will have a very dry spell as well.

Writing is going pretty good, a lot of ghost articles which I can’t lay claim to but my published articles are all over at Killerteacup. I really enjoy writing the tech articles, but I am trying to pick up a couple of the parenting sites too. One of them just ordered some more articles from me, so that is looking good.

I pick up some spare cash doing website and program testing. One of the programs I recently did  messed my computer up pretty badly, it took me a few hours to fix it. However; I will state that it was my own stupidity, I should have run the program in a sandbox and I didn’t. Keep that in mind folks if you are unsure about a program..use a sandbox to play with it first.

I have started a new blog over on because they won’t let me post affiliate links on here. The new blog is called Show Me The Way To and will be about saving money. I will have a section on Saving Money, Making Money, and Re-Purposing items. It’s still in the fledgling stages, but I plan to put up legitimate things. All of the affiliate links will only go up if I have made or saved money through them.

Hope the New Year is going just as well for all of you.


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Happy New Year!

…at least I hope it turns out to be a happier year than the last. To be honest the last year sucked and I don’t think this one is getting any better.

Well seeing as it is tradition I guess I should lay out a few resolutions and try not to break them;

  1. everyone favorite resolution – Lose weight/get in shape
  2. Get a job or make writing work for me
  3. Stop Procrastinating  on almost everything
  4. Maintain your blogs on a weekly or semi-weekly basis
  5. Don’t kill anyone

Lets see how successful I am


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