It’s been a couple of weeks

and for that I apologize.

I’d like to start by saying THANK YOU  to Homepreneurs for nominating me for a 2012 Blog of the Year Award. I will have to sit down and come up with my own list as there are several of you I read on a regular basis that I would like to nominate.

On The Writing Side of Things:

Well I made a mistake and underbid a job by a huge amount. I swear I had checked my numbers a few times. And I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I when I sent my bid off to the customer. I thought they had jumped at it pretty quick, it wasn’t until I looked at it the next day that I realized I had quoted a rate at half of what I would normally charge. Oh well, live and learn. It’s still money, it’s just a lot less than it should have been.

On the Personal Side of Things:

Looks like once again I am playing counselor to people. Here are some basic rules to live by that apply to almost any large regularly gathered group of people. This is geared to a specific group, but it works anywhere;

Things everyone needs to remember about faire:
1. Faire friends are frequently fair friends
2. Faire is high school for adults that never grew up
3. Faire anything is gossip central
4. Faire is full of elitist cliques
5. Faire has a lot of blades, and many of them end up in backs

Your true friends will always prove themselves in the end. Like your closet, you need to clean out your associates occasionally.



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5 responses to “It’s been a couple of weeks

  1. Ah, ok. I agree totally with your comments about Faire denizens. Known a few SCA folks, they don’t even use their real names, but call each other by their SCA names. Crazy.

    • We are all crazy, and yes, we frequently use our faire names when talking to each other socially. They are nick names. We do however use real names in business life.
      I always find it interesting what people do in real life after seeing them at faire. I know some peasants and barbarians that are actually high level judges and lawyers…it’s a stress relief and a way to leave the world behind

  2. There is crazy and there is crazy. Some of the ones I know can talk of nothing but the latest goings-on in the kingdom. Literally. They seem to have zero grasp of the real world or current events, only the fantasy life. I’m all for escape from the real world, be it bowling, tennis, Faire, video games, writing or whatever. That is a far cry from what I’ve seen (at times).

    God save the Queen!

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