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A Generation of Automatons

Entire generations grew up playing cowboys and indians, cops and robbers, or superheros and villains. What percentage of us are mass murders? Are we twisted and cruel? No, we learned respect for authority, we created role models to live up to.

How many of us grew up seeing Greek statues and French artwork in our textbooks? Yeah we giggled because they were naked or fat. We were children,that is what children do. Did that make us perverts? No, it just taught us to appreciate another’s perspective of beauty.

I can kill someone with a pen, a stone or even my bare hands. I could create a bomb from ‘harmless’ cleaning supplies. So are they going to protect us from writing or the earth itself? Do we all need to wear mittens so we can’t choke the life out of someone?

They still teach Shakespeare in school, has anyone actually ‘looked’ at the meanings behind some of it, not all of his writings are clean and wholesome, in fact very little of it is. Even in music, a lot of todays music is cleaner than it was 20 years ago, or even 50. Actually read some of the lyrics from Conway Twittywhere do you think some of your favorite bands got their names?

The only things that have been truly banned from schools in North America are common sense, free will and real education. If you teach common sense and allow free will then the rest will follow.

North America is churning out a nation of automatons. I am raising a free thinker, and I encourage him to keep his creativity and free will, if that means he gets in trouble at school then so be it…I will fight tooth and nail to give him true opportunity and to allow him to stand out from the crowd of mindless drones that are being created.

As for the whole bullying B.S. That seems to be one of the soapboxes right now, I’m not going any further than to say, teach the bullied to hit back, let them retaliate. Enough pussy footing around things.

Sorry for the rant, I’ve just seen too much lately and had to voice my opinions.


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I’m back!!

Sorry I’ve been gone for a while and I didn’t even go anywhere. The storm this morning seemed to energize me and wake me up so I’ve been busy this morning. I’ve got bread started and plans to start a soup a little later.

The last several weeks I seem to have been in a slump; I was here, I was doing stuff, but for the life of me I couldn’t tell you what I was doing with my days. I was going through the motions and doing what I had to, the bare minimum of what was expected. I slept a lot and did little else. I don’t know if I was sick, tired or depressed but I’m over it now and I am determined to keep my self motivated and moving.

My first steps this morning was a workout, some cleaning and now updating a few of my blogs. I then have some articles I need to write and I need to start looking for some more customers. That was probably what started me off, two of my big clients decided to take their blogs and newsletters in a different direction. It seems there are still a lot of companies out there having problems and they are chopping corners everywhere they can.

One thing I know I did while in my slump was apply for a city job. I am more than qualified for it, which may be my problem. It’s basically a secretarial job for the public works department, and pays lower than I would like but it’s very close to home has full benefits and should have enough flexibility that I can work it around my son’s school schedule next year. I just hope I get it.

I probably know more about water and waste water treatment than 90% of their operations crew which may be my hindering factor, other than that I know computers, I can type, I know the area and I know members of the city council. I can just keep my fingers crossed.

Wish me luck.


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