A Generation of Automatons

Entire generations grew up playing cowboys and indians, cops and robbers, or superheros and villains. What percentage of us are mass murders? Are we twisted and cruel? No, we learned respect for authority, we created role models to live up to.

How many of us grew up seeing Greek statues and French artwork in our textbooks? Yeah we giggled because they were naked or fat. We were children,that is what children do. Did that make us perverts? No, it just taught us to appreciate another’s perspective of beauty.

I can kill someone with a pen, a stone or even my bare hands. I could create a bomb from ‘harmless’ cleaning supplies. So are they going to protect us from writing or the earth itself? Do we all need to wear mittens so we can’t choke the life out of someone?

They still teach Shakespeare in school, has anyone actually ‘looked’ at the meanings behind some of it, not all of his writings are clean and wholesome, in fact very little of it is. Even in music, a lot of todays music is cleaner than it was 20 years ago, or even 50. Actually read some of the lyrics from Conway Twittywhere do you think some of your favorite bands got their names?

The only things that have been truly banned from schools in North America are common sense, free will and real education. If you teach common sense and allow free will then the rest will follow.

North America is churning out a nation of automatons. I am raising a free thinker, and I encourage him to keep his creativity and free will, if that means he gets in trouble at school then so be it…I will fight tooth and nail to give him true opportunity and to allow him to stand out from the crowd of mindless drones that are being created.

As for the whole bullying B.S. That seems to be one of the soapboxes right now, I’m not going any further than to say, teach the bullied to hit back, let them retaliate. Enough pussy footing around things.

Sorry for the rant, I’ve just seen too much lately and had to voice my opinions.



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3 responses to “A Generation of Automatons

    • Things are going too far. I saw a post today about a version of Little Red riding hood was banned from a school library because the basket of goodies included a bottle of wine. It was only in the picture, it wasn’t even in the story.

      Then on top of that I see all this stuff about kids committing suicide, because they have no vents. They can’t hit back, When we were kids we got things out through writing and drawing, or just aggressive play. Today kids can’t write depressing poetry or draw violent pictures, without having the police called. And the gods forbid if a game of football gets a little violent.

      This world is driving me nuts.

      • I could not agree more – the world, or at least the U.S. – has gone off the deep end. Case in point: teenage son is playing high school baseball – great. So are several kids that never played before due to their no cut policy. Wouldn’t want to hurt any kid’s feelings! This is year 10 for mine, so he is quite experienced with organized ball. All this p.c. b.s. is crazy.

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