School Already?

I guess that summer is officially over as of next Wednesday when school starts. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I now have a school age child. And man, if school tough, I don’t remember this many restriction or issues back when I was in school, maybe it’s because it was a different country, or maybe the world has changed that much.
He’s going to be at school full time, which means he has lunch and an afternoon snack while at school. When we were in Kindergarten you only had a half day and you got a snack time and a rest time. None of that for these kids. Okay the full day was my choice, but the snack thing and no rest time? That’s a little ridiculous.

As for lunch, they only get 20 minutes, is 20 minutes enough for anyone to eat their lunch, let along slow, talkative five-year-olds? I don’t think so. It’s not like they can eat at their desk or anything and that 20 minutes includes time for walking to the lunchroom and getting your stuff, then also clean-up afterwards. What if the kid has to go to the bathroom? then they go hungry?

It’s going to be an interesting adjustment period for both me and my son


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