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Wow! Typo city and my rant

After looking over a few of my past posts I realized that I really need to proofread them before I hit the publish button. I usually glance them over, but I don’t give them the same critique that I do to paid articles and I can tell. I am very sorry for subjecting you to my clumsy fingers and lazy reading skills.

Now on to today’s minor rant.

SCHEMA -noun, plural sche·ma·ta [skee-muh-tuh or, sometimes, skee-mah-tuh, ski-] Show IPA , sche·mas.

1.a diagram, plan, or scheme. Synonyms: outline, framework, model. underlying organizational pattern or structure; conceptual framework: A schema provides the basis by which someone relates to the events he or she experiences.
3.(in Kantian epistemology) a concept, similar to a universal but limited to phenomenal knowledge, by which an object of knowledge or an idea of pure reason may be apprehended.
My son is in Kindergarten and he came home with this today:
schemaMost adults don’t know what schema means and even those that do know it will NEVER use the word. Why is 5-year-old learning a word that they won’t comprehend the meaning of, be able to pronounce correctly, or even spell?

When I asked my son what it meant he said “It’s something I do really good” WRONG – see above meaning.
Is this what they are teaching are children? Why don’t they teach them routine, plan, diagram, even sequence of events…teaching them schema is like trying to teach them how to write C++, it’s beyond their comprehension.



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WoW! Heart Rocks the Zep!

I am a fan of Led Zepplin. I always have been, but rarely to people manage to pay proper tribute to them. More often then not the cover bad destroys their better songs. Noone can quite carry it the same way as the Zep did…until now

Heart did an awesome tribute!


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Summer is over

School is progressing pretty much as I expected.

My son can’t sit still or be quiet so he’s getting in trouble. It’s also gone to a 50% chance that I will have trouble with him in the morning because he’s moving slow or being lazy. Other than that, he actually enjoys school once he is there.

I picked up a nice little job for a HVAC company. I enjoy writing about something that isn’t drug or tech related, it gives me a change up. I also have the benefit that I know what I am writing about so when it comes to terminology I’m right there with it.

Other than that, there isn’t a lot going on. I have a pretty boring life once summer is over. No more ren faire, all the comic conventions are over and I can’t do any more car shows.  This weekend I have a dinner party to go to that is Australian themed, should be interesting. I’m trying to come up with some side dishes and everything is what I consider British, so I may just cave in and cook what I know.

Well off to do some writing.



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