WoW! Heart Rocks the Zep!

I am a fan of Led Zepplin. I always have been, but rarely to people manage to pay proper tribute to them. More often then not the cover bad destroys their better songs. Noone can quite carry it the same way as the Zep did…until now

Heart did an awesome tribute!



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6 responses to “WoW! Heart Rocks the Zep!

  1. Haven’t they pass their time? Sorry I am not a great fan of music. I mean I love music but I am not very particular with the singers.

  2. I’ve been fortunate to see the Rolling Stones 4 or 5 times (including the recent June show at the United Center in Chicago), the Eagles a couple times (have tickets for the Sept show), and countless other major rock shows from AC/DC to ZZTop. In that span, I had a chance to see Page and Plant – twice – in the 90’s. First was at the UC with an Egyptian string ensemble, 2nd was at the Allstate Arena (nee Rosemont Horizon) and it was all Zeppelin. Awesome. Heart too, a couple years ago sandwiched between Cheap Trick and Journey. Heart was fantastic.

    • I wish I that fortunate. My biggest Concerts have been Pink Floyd, OzFest, and a handful of country stars.

      Though I don’t envy you the Stones, I’ve never been a big fan of them. I had won tickets to the Steel Wheels tour in ’89, but I sold them to a friend and was very grateful…everyone I knew said that the concert sucked.

      • I was at the Alpine Valley, Steel Wheels show. Thought Richards was gonna die – he looked terrible. Never saw Floyd, unfortunately. Did see Metallica open for Ozzie back in the mid-80s. Very good show, from what my err… fuzzy mind recalls. :p

  3. Not sure my last comment posted. Sorry if a duplicate.

    I was at Alpine Valley for Steel Wheels. The grounds were muddy, the parking terrible, and Richards looked like death. Otherwise, not awful.
    Never saw Floyd 😦 but did see Metallica open for Ozzy in ’84-ish. Great show, though I was a little err… fuzzy.

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