Phone Scam from Microsoft?

For two days now I have gotten phone calls from “Private Number” ad each time they were from a Microsoft support group. Yesterday I played with them for a little bit.
The guy that could barely speak English and was obviously sitting in a call center. He told me he was calling about a problem with my windows computer, so I asked him which computer…after stuttering for a bit he responded that it was my windows computer, once again I asked which windows computer, what version. Stuttering again “XP“, I then asked him what the IP was, or the registry number…more stuttering as he tells me my computer is sending them error codes. I asked which codes, and now he changes it to be that my computer has downloaded spam and malware from a compromised site, so once again I ask him what site, can I have the IP?….and it just continued with this guy trying to read his script and doing what minor improvisations he can…he wasn’t even good at them, he apparently knew nothing about computers.

Today they called me again and I decided to play some more, this time it was 45 minutes and I wrote down the whole conversation while I was talking to him.

Him: I am calling from Microsoft Program Support. We are calling about a problem with your computer”

Me: Okay, which computer?

Him: Your Microsoft Windows Computer?

Me: Once again, which one?
Him: (a brief pause) the laptop

Me: Okay, that narrows it down a little, which laptop?

Him: The one with Windows 7

Me: Okay, what is the issue? (Note: We don’t own a Windows 7 laptop)

Him: We are getting a series of error codes, it seems that your system has a virus
Me: Are you getting the I-D-10-T error?

Him: We are getting a lot of different codes, that is one of them
Me: When I was dealing with Microsoft last week it was because of an ID10T code

Him: (A brief pause) Well, we aren’t actually with Microsoft, we work with them as an authorized support agent, I am with ** ********* (A legitimate company based in Virginia. I have let them know they are being used) and we are attempting to help you with your computer virus
Me: Which virus?

Him: it’s a trojan

Me: which one?

Him: uhmm, crf.exe

Me: okay, so what do you want me to do?( I know that CRF is an extension, not a virus name)

Him: Do you see the Windows button on your Windows PC?.
Me: Yes.
Him: Click on it and the R button at the same time. What do you see?
Me: The run box.
Him: Very good, sir. Now enter EVENTVWR and click OK.
ME: Ok (I didn’t bother because I know what the event viewer is)
Him What do you see?
Me: messages
Him: How many?
Me: A lot
Him: That is because of the virus in your system. Now I’m going to tell you how to download our software so I can help you clean your computer and it will work better.
Me: Okay, but doesn’t my antivirus and spam blocker do that?

Him: Somethings bypass those. Go Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Me: Ok.
Him: You have opened Microsoft Internet Explorer?
Me: Yes.
Him: Very good, now go to www.*********.com. What do you see?

 A this point, I didn’t bother typing the website because I didn’t want to give them traffic and it might have had something nasty. I told him that I was very familiar with computer and computer codes and that I had in fact been in a teleconference two days ago with Bing programmers(which I had). He then still tried to get me to download some program that would help my computer and probably take my money.

I still can’t believe that the ID10T error didn’t even phase him.


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6 responses to “Phone Scam from Microsoft?

  1. Is this for real or you just making it up? Looks like you have the patient of a saint to keep up a conversation like that. have a nice day.

    • I actually did it. Yesterday was the first time they called and my husband was looking at me like I was insane. When they called today I had just finished a big article and was going to log onto Facebook for some down time.
      I still had my dragon program opened so it recorded my end of the conversation and I just had to enter in his part of it as we went along.

      Maybe I will make it my goal to harass one telemarketer a week, it could make for some interesting writing.

  2. Al Bindrup

    They have called me twice, as well. I just hang up, however.

  3. I received a similar call today saying “Windows” was receiving many error messages from my IP address. “Which IP address?,” I asked. “The one you computers are identifying.” After hanging up, I called my corporate tech service who informed me that if there were an issue, then the caller must have placed it on my computer. Further, my corporate technician was a former tech for Microsoft and said that there is no department that tracks errors associated with an individual IP address.

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