Being a movie geek

Movies and Lots of them

Only a fraction of my movie collection

Being a geek, I of course love my movies and I have a huge collection. Most of my collection is in VHS with many of them probably never making it into DVD format. When my movies do make it to DVD, of course I buy them but I frequently find that they have lost some of their charm because they have been remastered, colorized, enhanced or had something else done to them that was never intended.

Many of these old movies also lose much of their charm when shown on 52″ HD televisions. Instead of a creepy old mausoleum you can now tell that it’s a cardboard set with plastic gargoyles, once again some of the charm is lost.
Despite this loss of charm I am still a big fan of these movies and will continue to introduce them to my son as he hits the appropriate age for them.

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