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I Have a Confession

After reading so many blogs and news articles, I have reached a startling conclusion. I have a problem and I can’t deny it anymore. According to all the stuff I see written, there is something wrong with me.



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I’m not normal.


I guess I never have been. According to everything I see online I am in the minority, which means that I am not normal. I am a happily married, white, female with one child. I have never been married before, so I have no ex-husbands to rant about. I don’t have any children with other men. I’ve been married for 10 years, own a house with a mortgage in the suburbs, which is our only real debt. I own one dog and no cats, birds or lizards.


I speak and understand English, I know the difference between U.K. English and American English. I have good grammar and spelling. I am intelligent enough to know a smattering of other languages, perhaps enough to survive. I have manners, I say please and thank you, I say Gesundheit when someone sneezes, I hold doors for people when their hands are full.


If someone really needs help, I will be there. I won’t give help just because you are too lazy to do it yourself. I understand that the world does not revolve around me. I know what is going on in my backyard and the world. I understand that the U.S. and North America do not constitute the entire world.


Those in themselves seem to make me different, but what really makes me a freak is the fact that I have never had any major problems. I grew up with a good family, with parents who are still married. I was not abused or neglected (even though my teenage self thought so at times.) I have nothing in my past which I dwell on. The few things that I saw as major, I just walked away from. I feel that the past is the past, it is over and done.


I do not have friends I constantly complain about, if they are a problem then they are not my friends.  If a friend has a problem I will try to help, but if they are self-destructive and want to take the world with them, I will walk away. A true friend is one you can call at any time, even if you haven’t spoken in a while.


Another thing I don’t understand is why people are amazed and shocked by the things I do. I am independent, I do not need to rely on anyone. I am married, we are partners. If I have to  I can survive anything, I won’t curl up and die or wait for someone to rescue me. I will mow the lawn, chop wood, make dinner and clean the house. If a task needs to be done I will do it, I don’t care what it is. If I don’t know how to do it, I will figure it out.


So I guess I need to admit, that I am a freak, I don’t belong in today’s society. It seems I am doing everything wrong. According to everything I read I don’t coddle my child enough, my meals aren’t healthy enough, and my house needs to be sanitized…Oh and I forgot to mention that fact that I’m not holding my hand out enough to ask for help.


I guess I will just go on being different.








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Sites for writers

Well in my journeys through this world of writing I have encountered many sites, some that supposedly help you find jobs, some that help you get published or sell your work. This will probably be an ongoing post that I will frequently update as I go along. These are my opinions, you can always visit them and form your own ideas.

 Sites I DON’T recommend – A site where you can sell and buy unique blog posts. I found this site and thought it was awesome, I immediately submitted articles. The cool thing about this site is that you set your own prices, then the site puts a percentage on top of that as their cut.

The first problem is that apparently they only have one person reviewing articles because they sit queued for several weeks before they are approved. The second issue was it didn’t look like anything was selling on the site. Yes, some of the prices listed were outrageous, but not all of them. I saw requests that were supposedly put up by customers asking for articles on specific topics, those few requests sat there idle for months. Every time I logged in I saw the same articles for sale, it just didn’t look to me like anything was actually selling. – A site that matches contractors and employers so that an employer will only receive bids from contractors that meet their qualifications.

The biggest problem with this site is that you can’t bid on any jobs, not until you pay for a bid package from them. They don’t give you any free bids as a trial run, or a certain amount per month, you just can’t bid on a job until you pay them. When you do pay them its $19.99 for only five bids. I get emails from them daily telling me that there are bids I am suitable for, but I have no way to bid. I am not going to pay to use a site that I don’t even know will work.

 Sites I DO recommend – I am partial to this site because this is where I got my first writing gig and it’s still going strong.

There is a lot of competition on here and you need to offer something that no one else does if you really want a job because you will be underbid each and every time. This site seems to be mainly U.K. but as you are working from home it doesn’t make a lot of difference. Just be sure that your bid is in the correct currency, if you bid 500 be sure that you state whether it is dollars, pounds or Euros. There are a lot of people from smaller countries competing and where U.S. dollar is worth a lot more there so these people will almost always outbid you. If the employer is looking for a native English speaker be sure to mention where you are from, that gets you a few points up the ladder of applicants. –  This site is similar to the above and I have gotten work on them as well.

Once again there is fierce competition, however most of these jobs are posted in U.S. dollars, so if you are in the U.S. you might stand a better chance. – a good online job posting board.

Just like any other board this is where several companies, mostly online, post job openings for writers.


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U.K. vs American English

Most of the jobs I am getting seem to be because I know the difference between American and U.K. English. There are different ways of talking and spelling that people do not realize, even the punctuation rules are different. I’m going to summarize a few of the most basic differences;

      1. Last letter of the alphabet in England it is pronounced ‘zed‘; in the U.S. ‘zee
      2. In England punctuation goes outside the quotation marks (i.e.: ” I kept thinking of you”, Ayla said.); in the U.S punctuation goes inside the quotation marks (ie:  “I kept thinking of you,” Ayla said.)
      3. In England the past tense of many verbs uses the irregular form of ‘t’, though the standard form of ‘ed’ is commonly used. In the U.S. the past tense of most verbs uses the standard ‘ed’ ending, exceptions include burnt and leapt. (ie: leapt/leaped, burned/burnt, smellt/smelled, spillt/spilled)

Other common past tense items are;
saw – sawn (U.K) and sawed (U.S)
got – got (U.K.) and gotten (U.S)

        1. Shall and shan’t are common in the U.K. But rarely used in the U.S. they prefer will and won’t
        2. In the U.K. river comes before the name (ie: the river Thames); in the U.S. river usually comes after the name (ie: Mississippi river)
        3. In the U.K. the punctuation at the end of a sentence is a ‘full stop‘; in the U.S the punctuation at the end of a sentence is a ‘period’

Maybe next time I will cover the slang, different spellings, or different names for the same things.

April Carvelli

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