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Welcome to 2013

It looks like the year has started out with a bang. I’ve almost more work than I can handle, however I know it won’t last everything tends to go in spurts when you’re freelancing. I’m sure that after this I will have a very dry spell as well.

Writing is going pretty good, a lot of ghost articles which I can’t lay claim to but my published articles are all over at Killerteacup. I really enjoy writing the tech articles, but I am trying to pick up a couple of the parenting sites too. One of them just ordered some more articles from me, so that is looking good.

I pick up some spare cash doing website and program testing. One of the programs I recently did  messed my computer up pretty badly, it took me a few hours to fix it. However; I will state that it was my own stupidity, I should have run the program in a sandbox and I didn’t. Keep that in mind folks if you are unsure about a program..use a sandbox to play with it first.

I have started a new blog over on because they won’t let me post affiliate links on here. The new blog is called Show Me The Way To and will be about saving money. I will have a section on Saving Money, Making Money, and Re-Purposing items. It’s still in the fledgling stages, but I plan to put up legitimate things. All of the affiliate links will only go up if I have made or saved money through them.

Hope the New Year is going just as well for all of you.


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Ghostwriting for the month

I’ve started doing some things a little different this month as I do not have a lot of published article under my name. If an article is published I will put it up under published articles, however most of my work seems to be ghostwriting blogs.

When a customer order blog entries on a particular topic, I will write twice as many as they require. I will then let them pick which articles they want and the remainder will be put under my portfolio. This way I can show my experience in various topics without violating my ghostwriting contracts.

All of my portfolio entries are here

Categories for the month  of August were:




Hopefully this works out for me as too many people are looking for ‘proof’ and references. Unfortunately I cannot provide those

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Things are slow

Wow are things slow… I went from more than I could handle to not nearly enough. I still have car article I am doing for, I am currently working on a series for Ford suspensions, but I can’t put out too many per week. +I have a guy that wants ‘best of lists’ on products but I am running out of ideas for that one, I’ve already done close to 80 lists for him.

Still no word from my non-payer and I could really use that money, my Vue needs new brakes and soon an exhaust system. The brakes I can do myself, but the exhaust is not something I can do. The extent of my exhaust work is using soup cans to recreate parts of eroded exhaust pipes.

The more I talk to my friends the more depressing life seems. The government keeps telling everyone how unemployment rates have been dropping and how many jobs have been created each month. They aren’t giving you the truth. Yes, less people are claiming unemployment, that is because people are falling off of it as their time runs out. These same people are then hanging in limbo because they don’t qualify for welfare because their property is worth too much, or their spouse works.  The jobs that are being created are a joke, companies are taking advantage of people desperation and offering a fraction of what the job is actually worth. Jobs that were paying $20 an hour five years ago, might be paying $15 now, I have seen some offering the same position for $10.

I have friends falling into the deep end and there is nothing I can do for them. I know people who have their houses in foreclosure, sold their cars, moved in with their parents or siblings. I just found out that one guy has been living off of Ramen for three months. I know of people who are considering committing crimes just so they can go to jail and get a room and board.

When will this all end?


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Time for some hardball

As stated earlier I have a non-paying client that I cannot get hold of, she owes me a lot of money and I don’t think I will see it.

There are only a few options I can pursue:

  1. Drop it all and forget the money, take it as a lesson learned
  2. Publish everything I sold her, despite the fact that her customers have published them. I have proof of when I wrote them
  3. Contact the websites where they are published and politely offer your services, after all if my customer is missing then they aren’t receiving blogs from her.

I chosen to go with option #3 for now. I just emailed one of the sites:

I realize that you have been dealing with **** for your blog entries, I believe that she provided them to you on a monthly basis. I have not been able to contact her for quite a while now and I am uncertain if anyone has been covering her in her absence.
If she is not responsive to your requirements I would appreciate the opportunity to write your blogs, if even on a temporary basis.
I have several ghost writing projects I have done and a steady ghostwriting clientele including an engineering firm in Abu Dhabi, a wine enthusiast, a drug rehab facility, a dental facility and a ‘best of’ list.
I also have several published articles which can be found listed at I am regular contributor to a used car blog My online portfolio of random writing can be found at and my personal blog can be found at
If you would like to discuss this further I can be reached via email at
April Carvelli
I’ve also given them links to all my blogs, so they will see this if they choose to look and will know that I am basically poaching, but I’m sort of poaching what I have already written. I am just skipping the middle man.


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Published Articles

Just updated my list of  Published Articles. June is off to a good start for me.

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Martha, farming and me

The writing is going well I’ve been picking quite a bit of piecework. It is actually getting to the point where I will have to start looking at my clientele and weeding it out a bit. I could look at farming the work, but they are pretty low paying jobs and I know that I disliked seeing all the low-end stuff out there when I started a few month ago. I think it would be hypocritical of me to start hiring someone out of the country just because they will take the pennies I can afford to offer them.

Unfortunately the Martha Stewart job is completed, they apparently hired a lot of us to do the work which meant that job ended sooner than I expected. The good thing is that I am in their database and when the next project is set to go I am on the list to do it.

I am currently in dispute with one site I write posts for, they are supposed to pay me for the articles based off of traffic. However it seems a large portion of my links to their sites, don’t work. One of the sites has an expired domain name and one of them doesn’t link to my article and a few of them seem to be recording traffic wrong.

Last weeks dinner was a huge disappointment.  The restaurant sounded fantastic, it was done up as a slightly higher end place but the food quality was poor. My husband and I both ordered what sounded like a delicious Portobello encrusted chicken, it was dry and flavorless. My Irish coffee tasted like water with a little alcohol added to it and my husbands drink was about the same quality. Our friends played it safe with soda and burgers and seem to have lucked out there. As I had suspected, the surprise birthday party was for me…not much of a surprise, but fun. It was at my friends bar for whom I have written a review.

This blog post was my break for the day, I have six more articles to write today on Dentistry. Wish me luck

April Carvelli

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Writing my own blogs is tough

Writing my own blogs is getting exceedingly difficult, I have a million ideas a day that I sell but when it comes to my own I tend to be a big blank. The few ideas I have I write then I go and hawk them to someone else for money. My portfolio blog at’t going to grow too much if I keep doing that, but I keep looking at the money end of things. I don’t want to be on unemployment forever.

I find I have no problem writing for someone else, but then again they normally give me a topic. Today I wrote several blogs on a variety of topics that were vastly different: Tattoos, stages of pregnancy, DogTV,  skateboarding, and two excel data sheets. Tomorrow has three articles due on SEO and one on Catastrophic computer failure. All of these, except DogTV and pregnancy are ghostwriting.  My big problem with some of these topics is keeping them within the required word limit. Some of these topics I could write on for days, I really need to restrict my writing and stop giving so many of my customers free work.

I guess I have written my limit for the day as I now have a four-year-old and a 120 lb dog laying at my feet begging to go outside and play. That means that my day is over and when I come back in it will be time to clean the kitchen and make dinner. I am off now to see what the neighborhood is doing.


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