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Hello again

I realize that I have been absent for a very long time, unfortunately life has taken me many places, not all of them good. I am back, or will at least try to be back and I think that I will start out turning this into my nerd blog. My blog about movies, cosplay, comics and all things nerd, geek or just catch my fancy. If that doesn’t work for you, then I am sorry and I won’t be offended if you chose to unfollow me.

Until next post

Live Long and Prosper

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WoW! Heart Rocks the Zep!

I am a fan of Led Zepplin. I always have been, but rarely to people manage to pay proper tribute to them. More often then not the cover bad destroys their better songs. Noone can quite carry it the same way as the Zep did…until now

Heart did an awesome tribute!


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School started with a bang

I swear for the first few days I had a pod child. He got up and dressed on his own, even made his own bed. However, by the time Friday rolled around it was back to the fights about getting up. He even started pulling out excuses he had seen on television such as “no one likes me”, ” ~blank~ hits me”, ” I don’t feel well”, and then when those didn’t work he resorted to “I’m tired”. Of course none of them worked and he gets no sympathy from me.

Of course, the one boy he mentioned as hitting him is a possibility, the boy has a few socialization problems and my son is probably one of the very few he knows there. I’ll give it a week or so to settle down and then I will look into it if I have to. Right now I know my son is actually being pretty good, because if he was really bothered I know that he would just throw a punch at the kid. I’ll intervene before it gets that far though.

It was hard to get him out of the house yesterday, he almost missed the bus. Today was much better. I will see how it goes from here.

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School Already?

I guess that summer is officially over as of next Wednesday when school starts. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I now have a school age child. And man, if school tough, I don’t remember this many restriction or issues back when I was in school, maybe it’s because it was a different country, or maybe the world has changed that much.
He’s going to be at school full time, which means he has lunch and an afternoon snack while at school. When we were in Kindergarten you only had a half day and you got a snack time and a rest time. None of that for these kids. Okay the full day was my choice, but the snack thing and no rest time? That’s a little ridiculous.

As for lunch, they only get 20 minutes, is 20 minutes enough for anyone to eat their lunch, let along slow, talkative five-year-olds? I don’t think so. It’s not like they can eat at their desk or anything and that 20 minutes includes time for walking to the lunchroom and getting your stuff, then also clean-up afterwards. What if the kid has to go to the bathroom? then they go hungry?

It’s going to be an interesting adjustment period for both me and my son

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Another month escaped me, and I don’t really have an excuse. Doing my blogs is just one of those things that I put aside to do later and never do. I even have them on my schedule but I am always hitting snooze until I am so far behind that I doubt can even catch up.

I have been working on a novel, I don’t know if it’s any good it’s just an idea that has been rattling in my head for a few years. I have no hopes of finishing it, let alone publishing it. There are just too many people out there who are writing and publishing novels and most of them suck. Maybe this will just be one of those things that my grandkids will come across and say “Oh man was grandma weird” but then again, they will probably know that already.



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I Have a Confession

After reading so many blogs and news articles, I have reached a startling conclusion. I have a problem and I can’t deny it anymore. According to all the stuff I see written, there is something wrong with me.



Crazy (Photo credit: elmada)


I’m not normal.


I guess I never have been. According to everything I see online I am in the minority, which means that I am not normal. I am a happily married, white, female with one child. I have never been married before, so I have no ex-husbands to rant about. I don’t have any children with other men. I’ve been married for 10 years, own a house with a mortgage in the suburbs, which is our only real debt. I own one dog and no cats, birds or lizards.


I speak and understand English, I know the difference between U.K. English and American English. I have good grammar and spelling. I am intelligent enough to know a smattering of other languages, perhaps enough to survive. I have manners, I say please and thank you, I say Gesundheit when someone sneezes, I hold doors for people when their hands are full.


If someone really needs help, I will be there. I won’t give help just because you are too lazy to do it yourself. I understand that the world does not revolve around me. I know what is going on in my backyard and the world. I understand that the U.S. and North America do not constitute the entire world.


Those in themselves seem to make me different, but what really makes me a freak is the fact that I have never had any major problems. I grew up with a good family, with parents who are still married. I was not abused or neglected (even though my teenage self thought so at times.) I have nothing in my past which I dwell on. The few things that I saw as major, I just walked away from. I feel that the past is the past, it is over and done.


I do not have friends I constantly complain about, if they are a problem then they are not my friends.  If a friend has a problem I will try to help, but if they are self-destructive and want to take the world with them, I will walk away. A true friend is one you can call at any time, even if you haven’t spoken in a while.


Another thing I don’t understand is why people are amazed and shocked by the things I do. I am independent, I do not need to rely on anyone. I am married, we are partners. If I have to  I can survive anything, I won’t curl up and die or wait for someone to rescue me. I will mow the lawn, chop wood, make dinner and clean the house. If a task needs to be done I will do it, I don’t care what it is. If I don’t know how to do it, I will figure it out.


So I guess I need to admit, that I am a freak, I don’t belong in today’s society. It seems I am doing everything wrong. According to everything I read I don’t coddle my child enough, my meals aren’t healthy enough, and my house needs to be sanitized…Oh and I forgot to mention that fact that I’m not holding my hand out enough to ask for help.


I guess I will just go on being different.







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Cokes New Antiobesity Ad

I have to say that I am impressed by Coca-Cola’s new anti-obesity ad. It is honest about what consuming their products can do. Yes, it is  still  an ad and there is very strong product placement. It’s also a very smart move by them. BY being the first major company to come out and say ‘Yes, we are bad for you” they have gained loyalty. People aren’t going to stop drinking soda, but they are now more likely to buy a Coke product than a Pepsi product because Coke has shown that they cared.

The video is also going viral which only increases their reputation. If you haven’t seen it, then check it out.



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