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U.K. vs American English

Most of the jobs I am getting seem to be because I know the difference between American and U.K. English. There are different ways of talking and spelling that people do not realize, even the punctuation rules are different. I’m going to summarize a few of the most basic differences;

      1. Last letter of the alphabet in England it is pronounced ‘zed‘; in the U.S. ‘zee
      2. In England punctuation goes outside the quotation marks (i.e.: ” I kept thinking of you”, Ayla said.); in the U.S punctuation goes inside the quotation marks (ie:  “I kept thinking of you,” Ayla said.)
      3. In England the past tense of many verbs uses the irregular form of ‘t’, though the standard form of ‘ed’ is commonly used. In the U.S. the past tense of most verbs uses the standard ‘ed’ ending, exceptions include burnt and leapt. (ie: leapt/leaped, burned/burnt, smellt/smelled, spillt/spilled)

Other common past tense items are;
saw – sawn (U.K) and sawed (U.S)
got – got (U.K.) and gotten (U.S)

        1. Shall and shan’t are common in the U.K. But rarely used in the U.S. they prefer will and won’t
        2. In the U.K. river comes before the name (ie: the river Thames); in the U.S. river usually comes after the name (ie: Mississippi river)
        3. In the U.K. the punctuation at the end of a sentence is a ‘full stop‘; in the U.S the punctuation at the end of a sentence is a ‘period’

Maybe next time I will cover the slang, different spellings, or different names for the same things.

April Carvelli

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The wonderful thing about us..

Today I read a blog post that totally disgusted me and made me sorry to even walk the same planet as the poster. We’ve all seen these, stuff that is so far off of what you consider right that you find yourself getting upset.

And you have a right to be, just like that poster has the right to put whatever they want on blog. It is their blog. I may not agree with him, I may even think he is a {Insert preferred string of profanities here}, but I will defend his right to post his opinions. That is the beauty of living in the western world, or even parts of Europe.

As a Canadian I like to think I have an even better perspective on the freedoms that Americans frequently tout. Growing up I wasn’t bottle fed American history, I was given world history. I saw the U.S. from the outside, yet was still in many ways, was considered one of them. The U.S. was founded by a religious group who fled Europe in the hopes of finding a place they could follow their beliefs as they wished, they were the Puritans. The Puritans then proceeded to do what they claimed everyone else did and forced their beliefs on the native people and anyone else they could get hold of. That has been continuing ad nauseam for all of recorded history. Freedoms are only freedoms that the dominant party perceives.

Everyone thinks that their beliefs are correct, everyone else is wrong. You as ‘free thinking‘ American will let Jimmy-Jo continue to think that the moon is made of cheese, but you can’t keep yourself from pointing out moon rocks and laws of probability. You might even ask him how the fermented milk product made its way up there, after all you don’t see any space cows (or goats). You want to point out the error of his ways, you want to show him how wrong he is. You might even tell him that you believe he is wrong, but you can’t force him from his beliefs.

And as a resident of the U.S., a Canadian and a human being I will laugh at him behind his back…becuase that is my right.

And I think I rambled on this post, that’s what happens when you type while aggravated and then distracted by a child, but I’m going to post this anyhow…because once again, that is my right.

April Carvelli
Killer Tea Cup

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