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Martha, farming and me

The writing is going well I’ve been picking quite a bit of piecework. It is actually getting to the point where I will have to start looking at my clientele and weeding it out a bit. I could look at farming the work, but they are pretty low paying jobs and I know that I disliked seeing all the low-end stuff out there when I started a few month ago. I think it would be hypocritical of me to start hiring someone out of the country just because they will take the pennies I can afford to offer them.

Unfortunately the Martha Stewart job is completed, they apparently hired a lot of us to do the work which meant that job ended sooner than I expected. The good thing is that I am in their database and when the next project is set to go I am on the list to do it.

I am currently in dispute with one site I write posts for, they are supposed to pay me for the articles based off of traffic. However it seems a large portion of my links to their sites, don’t work. One of the sites has an expired domain name and one of them doesn’t link to my article and a few of them seem to be recording traffic wrong.

Last weeks dinner was a huge disappointment.  The restaurant sounded fantastic, it was done up as a slightly higher end place but the food quality was poor. My husband and I both ordered what sounded like a delicious Portobello encrusted chicken, it was dry and flavorless. My Irish coffee tasted like water with a little alcohol added to it and my husbands drink was about the same quality. Our friends played it safe with soda and burgers and seem to have lucked out there. As I had suspected, the surprise birthday party was for me…not much of a surprise, but fun. It was at my friends bar for whom I have written a review.

This blog post was my break for the day, I have six more articles to write today on Dentistry. Wish me luck

April Carvelli



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Cream Puffs.

My husband loves cream puffs; those fluffy pieces of choux pastry filled with custard and cream. Perhaps that is why until recently he was a bit of cream puff himself. In the last six months he has been doing a fantastic job loosing weight, getting in shape and getting himself buff. (hmm, maybe he’s planning on wife shopping?)

We also have neighbors that are moving out of town and unfortunately their little boy is my sons best friend. Tomorrow I am having a farewell dinner party and for dessert I decided I would make cream puffs. This way it is a two-fold event, a reward for my husband and a jab at the neighbor to remind him that he’s not going to be the recipient of my cooking any longer (His wife can’t cook).

So needless to say I didn’t get too much writing done today, and not much tomorrow as I work on baking the sourdough bread and prepping for the dinner.

I have posted the recipe for the cream puffs on my portfolio page Killerteacup.

Homemade cream puffs



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