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Another day, another dollar…

..well not exactly.

Just more job hunting, my customers have slowed down considerably. I have a few jobs to ghostwrite, one blog, and some video editing, but not enough to pay the bills.

The last few weeks have been spent trying to teach myself how to design a WordPress website and I am quite impressed with myself. http://dracmor.com  is the website for a Scottish clan that my husband and I run. It is primarily based at the Bristol Wisconsin rennaisance faire.

We are not a hardcore clan, we are more a large group of friends with a tying interest. We are extremely diverse in careers, age, sex and race and just like to have fun. We are also a support network that attempts to help each other when there are problems, unfortunately more and more of us are having financial difficulties. So if you ever get out to the Bristol ren faire look for those of us with the black tartan (many simply have a pin of it with a loop of pearls) and say hi or ask them to direct you to Lady Dracmor or Kattosha.

The last time I had developed this page was almost ten years ago and then I wrote it in painstaking HTML, but it was a valuable lesson. This was much easier as I used a WordPress base and I love how adaptable it is and how many addons I can find out there for it. The site is not yet complete as I have plans to add a message board, marketplace, and blog to it. Once those pages are complete I will grant limited access to my members so they can post their own photos and sales information. There will also be two subsites eventually added; one will be for Pirates and the other for Steampunk.

If you get a chance pop over to dracmor.com and give me your opinions. I would love to hear how outsiders view this and see if you have any suggestions to add to it. Unfortunately being on the inside I may be missing some key points.



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Hire me…Please

US Whig poster showing unemployment in 1837

Now that I am published it seems that more people are looking at my job applications, but I am still getting a lot of people telling me that I am too expensive. Sorry folks, I cannot afford to go less unless you are willing to bend on your deadlines. I can go down the street and pick up a job flipping burgers for more than what many of you are offering or if I get really desperate I will take up one of the five million offers I keep receiving for insurance sales. Another issue I have been having with potential customers is that they don’t understand the term “Ghost writer”. When the customer accepts the final copy of my written work and pays me,  it no longer belongs to me. I  can not show you my past work because it is not mine to show or lay claim to. I would love to show in my portfolio a press release I did with its accompanying PowerPoint presentation, it went over beautifully, but I can’t. I can tell you that I did one for an engineering firm in Abu Dhabi, I can tell you it went quite well, I can even tell you that it is published in three languages in several newspapers, but I can not tell you what it is.

On the upside, I am now a regular contributor to Imperfect Parent so I actually  have a portfolio I can present to people that is not strictly comprised of my personal ramblings and writings. The downside is that they still don’t pay the bills and my severance package has now run out. I am officially 100% on unemployment so it’s now time to officially get off my butt and find a job. Either doing what I enjoy or anything that will pay the bills.

April Carvelli

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