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Lucky Day

The day started out with me sending off my blog post and getting the child off to school. It was a beautiful day so I then slacked off a bit and took the dog for a long walk.  I then sat at my computer and did some job searching, wrote about customer service in Killer Teacup and did a run to the store. While I was there I got a text from my husband that he was leaving early and taking me to a movie. The day was shaping up pretty good, it got even better when I got home and scratched the ticket..I made a profit, not a lot, but it was still a winner.

I checked my email and found out that one of the reps I was working with had been going to bat for me and trying to get me a job with another engineering company (thank  you Jack). So over all it wasn’t too bad of a day.

The only down part of the day is that I found I have been outbid on two jobs writing jobs I applied for. It had come down to two of us and the other person was the lower bid. Unfortunately I live in North America and making $5 an hour is not going to help me survive. I am just going to have to hang in there and see what else comes along.

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Another Day Another Dollar

Another day another dollar. I earned a few dollars today through Mturk, unfortunately they weren’t blogging. These were surveys and evaluations. This time of year you frequently find College programs collecting data so someone can finish their product or thesis. You can actually find quite a bit of piecework through that site. The one problem with Mturk is that you have to be picky, many of the job listed just aren’t worth what they are offering. After all, I am not going to write a 700 word article for someone-elses blog and let them pay me only a dollar. Its’ just not worth the time or effort.

 On the flip side though I have managed to apply to jobs on Odesk that actually took the time to respond to me. One of them brought to light that I really need to create another Facebook page that would allow me to keep my private and work lives separate. I suppose that will be my next project today.

In the general job hunt, the well is still dry. I have updated my Linkedin profile and cleaned up my resume again. I think I need to start stretching out a little further, I can’t remain unemployed forever.

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Day One

Okay this is where I begin writing about my journey to being a ghost writer. I have been dabbling in the field for a quite a bit, picking up odd little job for pennies a word as I write full article blogs for people. It started as a way to add money to my sons bank account, now I am going to look into this more seriously as I am currently unemployed. I have always enjoyed writing and with today’s job market making employment options look bleak I figured that I might as well try for this.

The first step I took was looking up information online. One interesting site I found was http://ghostwriterdad.com/ this offered some interesting information and a free 30 day course which I signed up for. I figured that if nothing else it would be one more email in my trash bin, however the articles he sends do seem to be rather informative. Some of the stuff is simple common sense, but seeing it laid out by someone else is nice

The second step I took was starting this blog. If I want to write, then I should start writing. Even if I have nothing to say I am still going to attempt to post something in here so I can keep myself in the habit of writing. Wish me luck


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