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Ghostwriting for the month

I’ve started doing some things a little different this month as I do not have a lot of published article under my name. If an article is published I will put it up under published articles, however most of my work seems to be ghostwriting blogs.

When a customer order blog entries on a particular topic, I will write twice as many as they require. I will then let them pick which articles they want and the remainder will be put under my portfolio. This way I can show my experience in various topics without violating my ghostwriting contracts.

All of my portfolio entries are here http://killerteacup.wordpress.com/category/portfolio/

Categories for the month  of August were:




Hopefully this works out for me as too many people are looking for ‘proof’ and references. Unfortunately I cannot provide those


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Busy week

Well this week has made half the amount of money as all of last month, so its off to a good start, lets see if it keeps going strong.

I’ve been cutting down on my blog entries, I just don’t have the time for my personal blog, paid work comes first, but I guess that is a good thing. I’m a regular poster at Imperfectparent.com, I’ve got another paid article WWWCARSCOM.COM with my name on it. Looks like I am starting to get somewhere. I would really like it if I managed to pick up some of the local companies I’ve been soliciting, but that’s probably a long shot.

The ironic thing is that I found a little local advertising company that does ads for everyone except themselves, I could not find one online listing for them, so I offered my services. Maybe they’ll hire me.

April Carvelli


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Drops in a bucket

Well no spam today, at least no Careerbuilder.com based spam and no viruses, so things are looking up on that end. Unfortunately the work end is looking rather bleak, maybe its because I came in and took off running with a steady job and several small writings, but now it seems as dry as a bone.

I am continually being turned down for jobs because I charge too much or because I have no experience. Even with little experience I want to make something, from what I can tell $1 per 100 words is a decent rate for me to charge. I speak and write fluent English (both U.K. and American…Australian stumps me occasionally), have good grammar and I know where a comma goes. I’m willing to do reasonable rewrites and will write on any topic they ask me to, even if I have to do intensive research. I like studying so I don’t mind research, in fact the more trivia in my head the happier I am.

The big problem is that I live in North America and need to pay North American bills. If I lived in India, China, or even some of Europe I could easily undercut myself. The disgusting part is that most of these writing jobs are asking for English and most of the people responding don’t have English as a first language, but they can go cheap. Thus American outsourcing once again rears its ugly head in yet another small way.

As is, I think I’m asking for less than minimum wage and that’s without benefits or a byline. The work I’ve been writing I can’t even claim to put on a resume because I have sold the rights. If I don’t relinquish my rights then I don’t get paid. I could have a lot of articles written on these sites, but they won’t pay any bills that way. I don’t have a good enough following to make money off of impressions.

All I can do is keep plugging away at the writing and hope something bites. Good luck to everyone else struggling.


March 16, 2012 · 2:03 pm