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and almost another month…

…since I last posted here. Things are busy, but not busy enough, I could really use some more or better paying work. At least I can round up enough to cover daycare and most of mortgage, the remainder I am currently covering with my savings which will run out eventually.

This work at home thing is tough, it requires a lot of discipline. I have to frequently stop myself from doing the laundry or dishes, or checking my facebook or email accounts. I have a hard time not doing things that I know need to be done.

And it doesn’t help that my husband knows I am home so he calls and asks me to run errands for him. He forgot his wallet the one day, so I wasted an hour driving out and giving it to him, another day he decided he was treating his office to homemade pizzas (which I had to make)…I assumed he would cook them the night before and bring them in the next morning…no…I was home, so  couldn’t I just cook them in the morning and bring them up? Four pizzas which take an hour to cook each. I can fit two in the oven..so two hours to cook his pizzas and at least 15 minutes to cool after the last one was done so I could handle it out to my car. Then a one hour commute to get there and back, not to mention the social time I have to spend at his office so I wasted over three hours.

Everytime I think he might be starting to understand that this is a job, he blows it.



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The hardest thing…

… about trying to pick this up is my family. Every time I sit down to look for work my four-year old comes running in with something I NEED to do for him right now, or if I wait until he is in bed then my husband complains that I am ignoring him. Today I got the “Its Saturday, you’re not supposed to work on the weekends” yet all week long I  continually hear about how we are short on funds and he wants me to get back to work. He doesn’t seem to understand that he makes more than enough for us to live comfortably, maybe not a comfortable as before, but more comfortable than many people we know. Even if he is laid off tomorrow we are not going to be starving. If I short sell the vehicle in the garage I have  a minimum of two months mortgage, and some of my other collections could probably get us at least three months more.

unfortunately my husband lives in the moment, luckily I do not. Months before I was laid off I had seen the potential and I figured out how to survive on worst case scenario. The hardest part would be making him give up some toys, but then again I am the type that could survive in the woods for a month with nothing more than the clothes on my back and a good knife. He can’t even seem to keep track of his 401K. Luckily I am planning the retirement for us both and thankfully it is many years away. I have nest eggs stashed all over the place and most of them are growing…the one thing I have been avoiding is the stock market on everything except my last employers 401K and I only participated in that because they had a match program (I’m not about to turn down free money)

Oh well, hopefully he realizes that I am serious about this. Yes I am still trying to find a full-time job, but in this economy I don’t think its going to happen any time soon. My chances have declined even further with a couple of nearby plants announcing that they are leaving the state, that puts a few thousand more in competition with me. In the meantime all I can do is sit here and type and apply.

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