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Welcome to 2013

It looks like the year has started out with a bang. I’ve almost more work than I can handle, however I know it won’t last everything tends to go in spurts when you’re freelancing. I’m sure that after this I will have a very dry spell as well.

Writing is going pretty good, a lot of ghost articles which I can’t lay claim to but my published articles are all over at Killerteacup. I really enjoy writing the tech articles, but I am trying to pick up a couple of the parenting sites too. One of them just ordered some more articles from me, so that is looking good.

I pick up some spare cash doing website and program testing. One of the programs I recently did  messed my computer up pretty badly, it took me a few hours to fix it. However; I will state that it was my own stupidity, I should have run the program in a sandbox and I didn’t. Keep that in mind folks if you are unsure about a program..use a sandbox to play with it first.

I have started a new blog over on blogger.com because they won’t let me post affiliate links on here. The new blog is called Show Me The Way To and will be about saving money. I will have a section on Saving Money, Making Money, and Re-Purposing items. It’s still in the fledgling stages, but I plan to put up legitimate things. All of the affiliate links will only go up if I have made or saved money through them.

Hope the New Year is going just as well for all of you.



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Ghostwriting for the month

I’ve started doing some things a little different this month as I do not have a lot of published article under my name. If an article is published I will put it up under published articles, however most of my work seems to be ghostwriting blogs.

When a customer order blog entries on a particular topic, I will write twice as many as they require. I will then let them pick which articles they want and the remainder will be put under my portfolio. This way I can show my experience in various topics without violating my ghostwriting contracts.

All of my portfolio entries are here http://killerteacup.wordpress.com/category/portfolio/

Categories for the month  of August were:




Hopefully this works out for me as too many people are looking for ‘proof’ and references. Unfortunately I cannot provide those

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My husband finally believes me

Things are coming along okay, not enough yet to say I can make a living at this, but its starting look like I have a chance.  I now have two steady ghost writing jobs and I have picked up a job as a contributor on a blossoming web site. I really hope this website kicks off to a good start because it’s on one of my favorite topics, cars. If this goes well I have a legitimate excuse to prowl dealerships. If it goes well enough, maybe I can include some of the repair projects for Bernice.

1940 Oldsmobile 60 series

On the home front, it seems that my husband is actually starting to consider this a job. He actually made the comment about me “trying to start my business,” I almost fell over. That is the first time I have heard him admit it might just be feasible.

I admit that if this is going to take off then I need to start making a better system to keep track of the work and my billing or I am going to be giving away more than I make.  For the rest of this month I will be working on a spreadsheet design that will go into effect at the beginning of next month. The hard part will be that my clients all want different billing cycles, I will figure something out.

April Carvelli
Killer teacup
Great spam project


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Calgon take me away!

Today I stare blankly at a computer as I fight the urge to sleep. It has been an eventful week and today will be the pinnacle which I am not entirely looking forward to.

On Monday, as you know, I battled with LG and Irobot, both resulted in minor victories though one company has probably lost a customer. LG has fixed my machine and offered to replace any damaged clothing. IRobot on the other hand is running what I consider a scam on their warranty returns.

The week got better on Tuesday with a Skype interview and I have picked up a rather large-scale regular writing job on a multitude of topics. The awesome thing about this is the lack of guidelines, I have a rather wide and generic topics and can write them on whatever interests me.

The training session on Wednesday resulted in me doing some video notating for a company that is currently archiving for Martha Stewart, there are thousands of video clips that need work and then there are at least three large-scale projects after that.

Friday didn’t end until after 1 am last night as I was involved in a game of Pathfinder (D&D type game) that didn’t seem like it was going to end.

And this morning started at around 6am with a child asking me to turn on TV for him. Today will be insane and Caffeine will definitely be a friend. I have the boys baseball game at 9am, then a baby shower for my future daughter-in-laws sister at one, I have to be up in Wisconsin by 6pm to go to dinner with a friend followed by a trip to a bar for a surprise birthday party. Which will lead to me crashing at the hotel sometime after 3 am.

On Sunday I have to meet friends for traditional Dennys hangover breakfast at around 8 then take a two-hour trip back home to relieve the babysitter who happens to be my husbands ex-wife (looooong involved story there that resulted in several arguments). Unfortunately I also have 8 articles to write on Sunday, I just hope I have enough brain power to handle them.

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Nothing to post today

Except my frustration with corporate America and modernization.

My four-month-old LG washer crapped out on Saturday in the middle of the load. It is locked, I cannot open it. I only managed to get water out of it because I hooked the shop vac up to the discharge and pulled out as much as I could. A repairman will be here on Wednesday. In the meantime I have mold forming on wet soapy clothes and a laundry room that smells. I put a copy of my letter to LG on Killerteacup.

Irobot has a whopper of a scam going in their warranty department. It seems that despite them telling you to return an item with their return number they will not automatically send your replacement even if the email states that they will do that. You need to call and email them the tracking number, after they have received it. If you don’t do that then you never see a replacement. I figure that they are hoping people will be patient and wait for the replacement they were promised. Then if they wait long enough they will forget they sent it out, or loose their tracking number. After all if you don’t give them the tracking number they won’t process your warranty claim. I have been without my Roomba since March 16th.

The one upside note for the day is that I ‘think’ I might be getting a blogging job with the Martha Stewart Company, I only say ‘think’ because I don’t remember applying for Martha Stewart. I’m waiting for a response so I know which job it was I applied for. The way today is going I would not be surprised if it was a scam too.


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Rules I need to follow

In my time as a writer I have learned a few rules that I really NEED to learn to follow;

1. Quit underestimating the time a job will take. I need to start doubling my estimated time, if it takes less I can always bill less

2. Stop giving the customers free work. If the assignment is 300 words then give them 300 words not 700.

3. Stay in the correct tense. If the writing is in the third person stay in the third person.

4. When the husband is home, put my earphones on. I don’t need to listen to every comment he makes to himself.

5. Quit underestimating the time a job will take

6. Ask questions

7. Ask if they want U.K. or American English. Don’t assume that just because they are from Europe that they want U.K. English.

8. Quit under estimating the time a job will take. If husband is home, triple your estimate

9.  Actually read all of these e-courses you signed up for

11. Learn new media, no matter how boring it might be.

10. If all else fails lock child and husband in the bathroom and take laptop to some remote wi-fi location where you can work undisturbed.


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Cream Puffs.

My husband loves cream puffs; those fluffy pieces of choux pastry filled with custard and cream. Perhaps that is why until recently he was a bit of cream puff himself. In the last six months he has been doing a fantastic job loosing weight, getting in shape and getting himself buff. (hmm, maybe he’s planning on wife shopping?)

We also have neighbors that are moving out of town and unfortunately their little boy is my sons best friend. Tomorrow I am having a farewell dinner party and for dessert I decided I would make cream puffs. This way it is a two-fold event, a reward for my husband and a jab at the neighbor to remind him that he’s not going to be the recipient of my cooking any longer (His wife can’t cook).

So needless to say I didn’t get too much writing done today, and not much tomorrow as I work on baking the sourdough bread and prepping for the dinner.

I have posted the recipe for the cream puffs on my portfolio page Killerteacup.

Homemade cream puffs



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