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Scams, scams everywhere

Scams, they are everywhere. You’ll find scams in your mailbox, on your screen, you’ll even find them on legitimate job posting boards. As per normal I’m going through all the boards looking for work. Writing is where I look first, then I start looking at other things.

Well I found a sweet looking job posting. A small but known art gallery out of London was looking for a representative in the U.S. I immediately applied and asked for more details on the job. I had visions of art shows and museum tours. I even figured the job would entail negotiating shipments or scouting for new artists. The employer sent me back a rather lengthy email detailing the history of the gallery and how his time was consumed by new a new family and how he didn’t have time for some of the tasks that were required to handle overseas (for them) deals. He needed someone in the U.S that would handle them. He then went on to state how it wouldn’t be a full-time job, only a few hours a week a the most. At the end of his letter he made a small comment that started ringing some bells for me, the primary job responsibility would be to handle the American finances. If it sounded like a job I was still interested in then email him.

I cautiously replied and got a response a few hour later. It still sounded pretty good until I got to “…collect payments from our numerous customers within your region, process the payments, deduct 10% of the amount issued to you as your personal bonus and you transfer the rest of the funds to our main account officer whose information will be provided to you in due time …”. Now alarms are fully ringing in my head. I pull up the gallery’s website and start searching for the name of the owner. I can’t find the name from my email, but I can’t find any one elses names either. At that point I decide, I’m going to call them, only by then it is midnight London time.

Next morning, once I’ve settled in I pick up my Ooma (Great internet phone system BTW) and call the gallery. The phone is answered by an older gentleman named Paul who is quite charming. It turns out that Paul is the owner of the gallery and he only hires a few people from his family to help with the gallery. He was a little surprised about the job posting. I spoke to him for about twenty minutes (actually he spoke to me) about his current artists and art show. At the end of our conversation I sent him an email with all the information I had on the job posting and then I went to the job board and connected with their live chat board to let them know it was a complete scam.

After going back and forth for a few minutes on the chat board Odesk escalated the complaint and is investigating the job poster. I just hope that no one has actually fallen for this and taken the job. Worst of all would be if the reputation of that gallery was harmed by this.

And by the way, just to give Paul a nice boost the gallery is the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms and the artist is Adam Neate

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There is hope

Back to Odesk today. I worked on my profile, did a few tests and then applied for a few job. I haven’t been offered a job through Odesk yet, but I like the fact that I am actually getting responses from the employers. This means that I am not out of the running yet. I have filled out applications for five jobs and gotten responses from four of them, I like those odds. They are much better than what I have gotten out here in the physical world.

Ghostblogger approved one of my submitted articles today and currently has it up for sale, the other article was rejected for formatting. I am not sure what the issue is with the format because it looks good on my computer, I might have to fire up one of the other systems and see if a different operating system views it differently. (I have encountered that before).

So far I have been managing to write one article per day. Yesterday I was clueless for anything to write on so I opened the Thesaurus and grabbed the first word I saw, ‘Bad’. It is actually more difficult than you would think to come up with a few hundred words based around a word, but I managed to force it out. Today’s was easy, it was about one of my favorite products. I have a few other articles I have written as demo articles, but I can’t put those as public at least until they are rejected. For now they can stay in my private portfolio.

I also got the hard copies of my professional resume today. I don’t need a professionally done resume, I have been told that mine is pretty good. I only got it done because it was part of my severance package and this way I have two separate versions I can send out. If I don’t get a bite on one style who knows, they might  on the other.

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Another Day Another Dollar

Another day another dollar. I earned a few dollars today through Mturk, unfortunately they weren’t blogging. These were surveys and evaluations. This time of year you frequently find College programs collecting data so someone can finish their product or thesis. You can actually find quite a bit of piecework through that site. The one problem with Mturk is that you have to be picky, many of the job listed just aren’t worth what they are offering. After all, I am not going to write a 700 word article for someone-elses blog and let them pay me only a dollar. Its’ just not worth the time or effort.

 On the flip side though I have managed to apply to jobs on Odesk that actually took the time to respond to me. One of them brought to light that I really need to create another Facebook page that would allow me to keep my private and work lives separate. I suppose that will be my next project today.

In the general job hunt, the well is still dry. I have updated my Linkedin profile and cleaned up my resume again. I think I need to start stretching out a little further, I can’t remain unemployed forever.

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