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And things continue

Well the party turned out okay, I had five boys show up, I love the last-minute RSVP’s. Now I have to send out thank you cards, only what I really want to say is “Thank you for not giving me any notice”. The boys went so crazy at the presents when it was time to open them that I totally lost track of who gave him what so I’m just sending out generic “thank you for coming to the party”

He got a lot of Legos, which was good because he likes legos. Only problem is…can you have too many Legos? I have two large buckets of Legos which I planned to give him for Christmas, now I might return one of them and get a large storage container instead. His other Rubbermaid container of Legos is over flowing.

On the work front, things are going okay making some money, not as much as I would like, but I’m doing okay for now. Unemployment runs out in two weeks and I better hit the ground running at that point if I want to keep up on my bills. However things are going to get a little tougher for me, my husband just got transferred to a position a lot closer to home and he’ll probably be home by 2:30pm most days. That gives me a lot less time to work, because I can’t work with Mr. Chatterbox home.

I’m halfway through my SEO course, so that looks good on my credentials, even if the course is a lot of stuff I already know. At least this way I will have a piece of paper that says that I know it…for some reason a piece of paper makes you smarter and more capable.


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