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I’m back!!

Sorry I’ve been gone for a while and I didn’t even go anywhere. The storm this morning seemed to energize me and wake me up so I’ve been busy this morning. I’ve got bread started and plans to start a soup a little later.

The last several weeks I seem to have been in a slump; I was here, I was doing stuff, but for the life of me I couldn’t tell you what I was doing with my days. I was going through the motions and doing what I had to, the bare minimum of what was expected. I slept a lot and did little else. I don’t know if I was sick, tired or depressed but I’m over it now and I am determined to keep my self motivated and moving.

My first steps this morning was a workout, some cleaning and now updating a few of my blogs. I then have some articles I need to write and I need to start looking for some more customers. That was probably what started me off, two of my big clients decided to take their blogs and newsletters in a different direction. It seems there are still a lot of companies out there having problems and they are chopping corners everywhere they can.

One thing I know I did while in my slump was apply for a city job. I am more than qualified for it, which may be my problem. It’s basically a secretarial job for the public works department, and pays lower than I would like but it’s very close to home has full benefits and should have enough flexibility that I can work it around my son’s school schedule next year. I just hope I get it.

I probably know more about water and waste water treatment than 90% of their operations crew which may be my hindering factor, other than that I know computers, I can type, I know the area and I know members of the city council. I can just keep my fingers crossed.

Wish me luck.


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