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Another day, another dollar…

..well not exactly.

Just more job hunting, my customers have slowed down considerably. I have a few jobs to ghostwrite, one blog, and some video editing, but not enough to pay the bills.

The last few weeks have been spent trying to teach myself how to design a WordPress website and I am quite impressed with myself. http://dracmor.com  is the website for a Scottish clan that my husband and I run. It is primarily based at the Bristol Wisconsin rennaisance faire.

We are not a hardcore clan, we are more a large group of friends with a tying interest. We are extremely diverse in careers, age, sex and race and just like to have fun. We are also a support network that attempts to help each other when there are problems, unfortunately more and more of us are having financial difficulties. So if you ever get out to the Bristol ren faire look for those of us with the black tartan (many simply have a pin of it with a loop of pearls) and say hi or ask them to direct you to Lady Dracmor or Kattosha.

The last time I had developed this page was almost ten years ago and then I wrote it in painstaking HTML, but it was a valuable lesson. This was much easier as I used a WordPress base and I love how adaptable it is and how many addons I can find out there for it. The site is not yet complete as I have plans to add a message board, marketplace, and blog to it. Once those pages are complete I will grant limited access to my members so they can post their own photos and sales information. There will also be two subsites eventually added; one will be for Pirates and the other for Steampunk.

If you get a chance pop over to dracmor.com and give me your opinions. I would love to hear how outsiders view this and see if you have any suggestions to add to it. Unfortunately being on the inside I may be missing some key points.



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Learning WordPress on the fly

Well my client had a nice theme they purchased for a website and they had asked me to update the blog on it, which I had no problem doing. It was easy to work on the blog; however as we progressed I noticed a few glitches in the theme pertaining to font issues. I asked permission to contact the theme designer, then did some research and found out that I wasn’t the only one with the font issues. I left messages for the designer and have not heard back. Okay the page looks fine except for a few areas were font overlaps itself, or insets. My customer then asked me update the “contact us”, that was designed pretty simply…They just don’t give you a lot of options.

I logged in this morning and the website is a disaster….the colors have changed, a slide show has vanished, whole pages of text are gone, even the company logo has vanished. I have no idea what happened and the customer is pleading ignorance, however I can tell that they have been in the system because there is a whole lot of new photos uploaded.

The customer is in a panic because they have a big show this weekend where they plan to direct people to their website. They have asked me to help them fix it….problem is that I do not know wordpress…I know minimal programming and I know HTML

Now I am learning WordPress on the fly

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Online presence isn’t everything, but its a lot

Today I did about 50 proposals for online posted writing jobs. I’ve also crafted a letter I will send out to local businesses offering my service to keep their web presence up to date .

I looked at only six companies today, but only one of them had current information on them. One site had a copy write date in the lower corner of 2010, another site hadn’t posted anything since last summer and that update was a promise to continue updating. I’m not sure when they planned to keep that promise but it looks like they are almost a year behind.

All of the companies I looked at had websites, they just haven’t done anything with them, there is nothing to pull people in and hold them. I had to go to one company today (for an unrelated reason) and I heard the receptionist talking about how they had to close an office because they had no business. After looking at their website I can tell why they had no business, no one can find them.

When I did a local internet search for their specialty two other companies came up ahead of them, and I know from experience that the company in position one isn’t that good. The top listed company just has a better  and more frequented web site.  You can’t get business if no one knows you are there. I am hoping that I can manage to find a local niche and move some of these companies up the line.


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Moving forward

I started a Twitter account today, updated my profiles on various freelancer sites and started profiling myself. I am currently working on a list of local businesses then I plan to search for websites and twitters  related to them. Hopefully I can find enough businesses that need help expressing themselves on-line and that need help maintaining an up-to-date blog or website.

Until I started reading some of these articles and self-help guides I never realized how important marketing was. Sort of makes me realize that I really need to start pushing myself out there if I really want work or I won’t get anything worth while. I definitely won’t be paying the bills.  I have applied to a few more jobs, but nothing has really bitten yet, it’s also difficult to do an immediate turn around of work on they days when my son is home. It’s a catch-22, I can’t afford to put him in daycare full-time, but on the days he stays home it’s hard for me to get and do work.

I’m just going to have to get more aggressive, develop my own strategies and write up proposals for local businesses, see if any of them will bite.

Wish me luck, if anyone has any advice I will gladly take it.

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