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and almost another month…

…since I last posted here. Things are busy, but not busy enough, I could really use some more or better paying work. At least I can round up enough to cover daycare and most of mortgage, the remainder I am currently covering with my savings which will run out eventually.

This work at home thing is tough, it requires a lot of discipline. I have to frequently stop myself from doing the laundry or dishes, or checking my facebook or email accounts. I have a hard time not doing things that I know need to be done.

And it doesn’t help that my husband knows I am home so he calls and asks me to run errands for him. He forgot his wallet the one day, so I wasted an hour driving out and giving it to him, another day he decided he was treating his office to homemade pizzas (which I had to make)…I assumed he would cook them the night before and bring them in the next morning…no…I was home, so  couldn’t I just cook them in the morning and bring them up? Four pizzas which take an hour to cook each. I can fit two in the oven..so two hours to cook his pizzas and at least 15 minutes to cool after the last one was done so I could handle it out to my car. Then a one hour commute to get there and back, not to mention the social time I have to spend at his office so I wasted over three hours.

Everytime I think he might be starting to understand that this is a job, he blows it.



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Sometimes it’s discouraging….

Even though I’m starting to do decent at this writing thing I still find it discouraging when I am turned down for jobs. It’s discouraging when I get comments like “you typo’d the rate? right?”, “too high”, ” you have to be kidding “,” we want to hire you, but we will only pay ….(less than half my quote)”. My favorite return comment was “I will pay the $50, but I want fifty articles for that.”

And the strange thing is that most of those comments are coming from North Americans, a country where everyone whines and complains about outsourcing to foreign countries. If you are only going to pay $1 for a 1000 word researched article then good luck getting it. The ridiculous thing is that these people are asking for North Americans to apply, then they turn us down because we want to make it worth our time. For a few of these job offers I could make more money picking up pennies on the street.

The European customers rarely bargain the price down, or if they do it’s still reasonable. In fact my European customers are my favorites, most of them pay promptly and they lay out exactly what they want.

Several of my American customers direct you to a competitors site to show what they want you do, without plagiarizing it, then complain when you give them something because its missing distinct elements from their competitors site. How many times do you have to tell them that if you did ‘XYZ’ like their competitor, then you are copying them. They just don’t get it.

Oh well, it seems most of my North American jobs have dried up anyhow. I just applied to a few more, lets see how they go.



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Busy, busy, busy

Unfortunately it has been a week since I last posted in here things have been very busy, which is good. I am getting a lot of paid ghostwriting assignments, but I am also dong a fair amount of published work which can be found http://killerteacup.wordpress.com/published-articles/

Just to give a summary of my month in writing so far:

13-year-old Washington State boy saves schoolmates and bus driver (Imperfect Parent)
Owning Art Print Posters (artprints.cc)
How to teach parakeets tricks (Helium)
13-year-old girl missing from Chicago neighborhood (Imperfect Parent)
Chicago couple awarded $8.25 million for the accidental death of their infant son (Imperfect Parent)
Is cheap car insurance worth it? (carscom)
How to care for an Easter chick (helium)
12 years after abduction of daughter, man gets 3-year sentence (Imperfect Parent)
Common songbirds living in both the US and Europe (Helium)
Abducted boy returned to his mother 8 years later (Imperfect Parent)
Two children injured in police chase (Imperfect Parent)
The devil made me do it (Imperfect Parent)

One Australian company hired me to write general product descriptions for their home supply company

My Middle East Engineering firm has me doing extensive research on their competition.

and several small ghost writing articles of random topics.

. . .

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Hire me…Please

US Whig poster showing unemployment in 1837

Now that I am published it seems that more people are looking at my job applications, but I am still getting a lot of people telling me that I am too expensive. Sorry folks, I cannot afford to go less unless you are willing to bend on your deadlines. I can go down the street and pick up a job flipping burgers for more than what many of you are offering or if I get really desperate I will take up one of the five million offers I keep receiving for insurance sales. Another issue I have been having with potential customers is that they don’t understand the term “Ghost writer”. When the customer accepts the final copy of my written work and pays me,  it no longer belongs to me. I  can not show you my past work because it is not mine to show or lay claim to. I would love to show in my portfolio a press release I did with its accompanying PowerPoint presentation, it went over beautifully, but I can’t. I can tell you that I did one for an engineering firm in Abu Dhabi, I can tell you it went quite well, I can even tell you that it is published in three languages in several newspapers, but I can not tell you what it is.

On the upside, I am now a regular contributor to Imperfect Parent so I actually  have a portfolio I can present to people that is not strictly comprised of my personal ramblings and writings. The downside is that they still don’t pay the bills and my severance package has now run out. I am officially 100% on unemployment so it’s now time to officially get off my butt and find a job. Either doing what I enjoy or anything that will pay the bills.

April Carvelli

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Everything is coming up Roses

YES! Today I officially got my first paying job and it came through a site I didn’t have much hope for, Peopleperhour.com. They are out of the U.K. and deal with mostly European and Middle East jobs. The gentleman I am working with has given pretty clear instructions, yet he is giving me some creative room as well. He jots down some notes and I create a blog entry, I am not using his words verbatim, but the general idea and so far he likes what I have given him. And he’s offered me some further work!

Until this chance came along I was going to prostitute my skills just to get a few things under my belt and have experience of some sort. Now I don’t need to, I just turned down an offer of $1 for a 500 word post that I was seriously considering. I don’t see piles of cash in my future, I don’t even see enough to pay the bills, but it’s a start. This is by no means a full-time job it might fizzle into nothing, or it might end up being my pocket-money while I hold down a full-time job (if and when I find one).

Even if it turns out that I really don’t like doing this, at least I tried something different and stepped outside of my normal scope.

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